Friday, May 2, 2008

I've seen Mister Lonely. It was good. Trippy, but good. I'm probably going to see Iron Man.

Mariah is officially Mariah Cannon. Well, at least she doesn't have to change her initials. Mimi and Nick Cannon have gotten married, according to Linda Cannon, a family member of Nick's.

"He called us and told us all about it. We are happy for him. If that is what he wants then we are happy for him."

Apparently the two, who have been dating for a month, got married in the Bahamas at Mariah's new house. The next question needs to be if she got married with that Hello Kitty bandage she's been sporting for the past couple of weeks. Fuck that, ten bucks she got married in a Helly Kitty swarovski crystal wedding dress.


Tommy Cruise is going to be on Oprah today! Set your TIVO's, bitches!

Miley Cyrus was at Disney World yesterday trying to clean up her image after the whole Vanity Fair debacle. That Vanity Fair picture is so creepy.

Anyway, I knew I should have headed to Disney yesterday. I go like twenty times a year and know the place like the back of my hand. Yes it gets old but what else is there to do in Orlando. I used to go to Sea World a couple of times a week just for the funnel cakes by the dolphin tank. True story.

Cool by Gwen Stefani. The song can be found on her album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby.

Speechless. Bai Ling's fierceness leaves me utterly speechless. Wait, what was she doing at the premiere of What Happens In Vegas, anyway? Who cares, bitch is crazy fierce. Emphasis on crazy.

I'm indifferent about both Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, but I think that together they would have been so annoying, it would have been entertaining. Plus, he's hotter than Justin Timberlake. Just as douchey, but hotter.

Here's more of the two at the premiere of their new movie, What Happens In Vegas. I think I'm going to pass on this one

The Osbournes are so gonna buy this: Glorious Nonsense

What's your favorite item of clothing?: Fashion Frappe

Chunky is the new black: Vogued Out

Beauty of the week: Beauty Logic

Love of hate Madonna: Mahalo Fashion

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I'm not sure if I love this outfit or really hate it. I think it's a downgrade from the outfits she's worn before to promote Iron Man, and I think I should hate it, but I don't know.

Here's more of Gwyneth Paltrow at the premiere of Iron Man in Hollywood.

I completely forgot to post this yesterday. It looks pretty good, but not much different than the first Hulk disaster of a movie. Just with Edward Norton.

Christina Aguilera was spotted leaving a restaurant last night needing help just standing up. Homegirl was drunked up! Fun!

A friend of mine's mom drank all throughout the third trimester of her pregnancy and all while she was breast feeding and he turned out, well, not normal, but not a total trainwreck.

Chanel galore: Vogued Out

Have you BUI?: JQ Lounge

The future of fashion: Coco's Tea Party

Coachella fashion: SICK.

Bacon Lollipops?: Ashcan Rantings

Not only is Project Runway moving from Bravo to Lifetime (WTF!!!), but it's apparently going to be moving from New York to Los Angeles for the sixth season.


I'm sorry to the L.A. people out there, but New York is fashion. I thought it was a joke when they moved ANTM to L.A. but then again, ANTM is in itself. I honestly think this is a really bad move. Every time I think of L.A. fashion, I think of Juicy Couture, Ugg Boots and Christian Audigier. Not pretty.


Or whatever the hell that Ashton Kutcher show is called? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have reportedly gotten married, according to I don't believe it. Sure, Mimi is batshit crazy but getting married? If this is true, I bet they end this mess in anullment. Or they need to get this crazy train on Divorce Court, like Gary Coleman.


SATC On Oprah

Don't forget, bitches, the cast of the SATC movie will be on Oprah today!

“But, if you watch Sex and the City, like the way the friends are, the way that it’s dry and they all have distinct characters - that’s a thing we try to do on our show. It’s my favourite show! I love it!”

-Miley Cyrus, on how she wants Hannah Montana to be like Sex and the Ciry.

Check the rest out after the jump!

Photographed by: Tyra Banks
Theme: Roman Castle Couture






L'onde Amere by Keren Ann. The song can be found on her album, Nolita.

I love her. Homegirl needs to make it big just to fuck with Tyra.



Covergirl of the Week:

BULLSHIT! I told you she would go home next. Tyra doesn't like to be proved wrong. What a fucking bitch.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Because this pretty much sums me up...

I've been tagged by the fabulous Molly at Ashcan Rantings and by Fashion Ivy, so I've decided to combine the tags and make one post about, well, me.

First up, 5 things:
5 Things found in my bag: Pink princess coin purse, 2001 holiday Mac bag/brush set, a friends' business card, 3 hair ties and a jeweled pill case.

5 Favorite Things in my room: my dog is usually in there, my huge jewelry dresser, my bed which is really comfortable, a photograph of myself an ex took post coitus hanging above my bed, and my black candle holders a friend bought me.

5 Things I've always wanted to do: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Live in Paris, Live in Rome and find the fountain of youth.

5 Things I'm currently into: Astrology, Psychology, The Lord of the Rings trilogy (movies, not books), Miranda! and knitting/crocheting.

5 Impressions on Molly(Ashchan Rantings)-person who tagged you: Psychadelic, free spirit, groovy girl with an amazing sense of music, fashion and humor. I think that's five, right?

And on to six little things about moi:

1)My favorite movies of all time are Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain, Cidade de Deus and Lucia y El Sexo. I can watch them over and over again and still get that same feeling I got the first time I watched them.

2)I'm not a priss, but I consider myself to be a girly girl. Although I curse like a sailor, I don't like burping or spitting or any of that stuff. I always (usually) cross my legs when I wear skirts and I keep my nails clean. I also have to bathe twice a day. I've never gone real camping because of this. I'm ok with that.

3)My dog is like my child. I love that crazy bitch. I feel bad (for about a minute) for kicking her out of the bedroom when the bf comes over, so I set up some blankets for her on the couch. She still scratches the door at some point in the middle of the night, though.

4)I'm anal rententive. Things have to be in a specific order, like files on my computer, for example. I've spent hours organizing things and to be honest, it relaxes me. I can sit at the computer or even my mom's messy cupboard and take everything out, clean it, and put it all back together in an orderly fashion.

5)I love reading V.C. Andrews books. They're totally creapy and incestuous, but they remind me of novelas (latin american soap operas) and are usually always entertaining.

6)I'm not really romantic and am usually "the guy" in my relationships. I remember an ex lit all these candles and all I could think about was the mess the wax would make. And don't get me started on flowers.

I tag Zoe, WAT, One Teal Rat, Mey, and The New Jack. Choose which one you'd prefer to do.

Best. Episode. This. Cycle.

This week, the girls are in Rome!

And Lauren is bored. I would be too, those bitches can be annoying.

And it’s time for the (first) quote of the week!

“Awe, great! My first step in Rome and I eat it on the ground. It was horrible!”

Anya, I’m starting to love you more and more each episode.

Blah blah, plus size model, blah blah. Why is she still here?

The girls get a small tour around Rome where they get their first Tyra Mail. Thank god there’s no more scrolling. That shit was super annoying.

They get to their house, which is amazing. I’m so jealous of these lucky bitches.

Later that night, the girls sit down to dinner but Fatima isn’t feeling well and is laying in bed.

Dominique wants Fatima to get it together, girlfriend. Dominique is under the weather too but you don’t hear Dominique complaining about it. Shoot.

Anya gets upset when the other girls, mainly Dom-Dom and Whitney, talk about Fatima while she’s sick. She’s like a flipping angel.

She ends up bringing Fatima dinner and laying it next to her bed. Awe. Can you spell, Winner’s Edit?

Seriously, this is the best I’ve seen Dom-Dom look.

Next, the girls arrive at a piazza where there are a bunch of Segways waiting for them.

Segways in Rome? Seriously? Ugh, so wrong.

I’ve actually segwayed in heels before. Not fun. Actually, I take that back, it was hilariously entertaining for my friends who were watching.

Wow, there are “random Italian women” standing around with props dressed in high fashion just standing there waiting for tour guides? Rome is awesome.

After their tour, the girls meet Gai Mattiolo.

They have a small challenge where they’re dressed as Italian women in Mattiolo’s clothing and walk for him.

Wait, Dominique is natural? Naturally what, a man?

This challenge was complete bullshit. Dom-Dom, Whitney and Kat have the best walk and yes I’m biased. Kat looked and walked the best out of all those bitches, but of course,

Anya wins

a gorgeous dress that will look horrible with her skin/hair.

Seriously, this shit is a conspiracy. Anya is getting the classic Winner’s Edit and she’s winning all of the challenges and she doesn’t deserve them all. I’m not hating, since Kat is my fave, but Anya can’t walk. So how did she win this challenge?

The next night the girls get Tyra Mail.

Kata’s so smart. She figures out that they’re doing something for Covergirl, probably a commercial in Italian.

Lauren is pissed.

Hey look, it’s the Odd Couple.

And a hot director. Ok, he’s not that hot but I’d totally do him. The accent gets me every time.

Awe, Anya thinks it’s hard to walk and talk at the same time!

She did horribly, but damn, who’s that model? Now he’s hot. Sigh.

Kat did ok, but it was a little boring. She still did better than Dominique’s silly ass.

And it’s time for the second quote of the week!

I had to pick more than one, this episode was hilarious.

“I wanna be the freaking Covergirl. So Ima have as much fun with this as I can, ok? Shoot, if I can’t remember something, trust me, I’ll make something up”

Oh really, Dominique?

If you wouldn’t have told us that, we would never have guessed.

Lauren. Oh, Lauren. Just when I was starting to like you. Unlike Dominique’s commercial, which was equally as horrible, your commercial was just awkward and made me cringe. I felt embarrassed for you, and that’s never good because then I feel bad for laughing at you. And I don't like feeling bad for laughing at people.

Fatima did pretty well, even though her wandering eyes drove me insane.

Why is she still here? So fake. I can’t stand watching her, or that shiteous commercial.

And props to Mr. J for calling her out on her bitchiness and fakery.

After the shoot the girls head to the house where they get a Tyra Mail telling them…

It’s judging time, bitches!

I don’t get what Tyra’s thing with Whitney is. Honestly, her commercial was beyond horrible and she gives her props. Wait a second, Whitney is not only way over the top but is also “plus-size”. Hmm, who does that description remind you of:

Enough said.

Ok, now I’m gonna lose my shit. Kat goes up in front of the judges and calls Tyra out on mispronouncing her name every freaking week.

Tyra doesn’t give a fuck and tells her that commercial, which was one of the best ones, was flat and boring.

Paulina and the director disagreed with Tyra, and said that she was one of the best and nailed it.

But Tyra did not give a fuck. And after dismissing Kat, she mispronounces her name yet again and doesn’t care! If one of those bitches called her Thighra, she’d flip the fuck out.

Lauren is so over this.

In the end, it was between Lauren and Whitney

with Lauren going home.

I actually liked Lauren this episode. It sucks that she went home over Whitney, because she’s horrible, but whatever.