Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jade Love

Y'all know how much I adore Jade Cole (ANTM Cycle 6) and I found some amazing pictures of her, Renee (cycle 8), and AJ (cycle 7) on Top Model.

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So my bf and I were just watching Comedy Central and this guy Daniel Tosh was on. He left it on because he loves Comedy Central and I didn't complain because not only is he hot, but he's pretty dang funny. STFU, I like geeky guys. Check him out below and watch the rest of the videos after the jump!

Young, Black and Fabulous is reporting that Lauryn Hill is expecting her fifth child with Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley. That would be great news except for they're supposed to be estranged and he's moved to Ethiopia. This will be her fifth child with him and his seventh. He has two from a marriage when he was in college. Congratulations, I guess.


More pics of Posh on Ugly Better! After the jump..

Jordan was on British talk show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last night where she talked shit about Posh Beckham

"I love her boobs but I wish she'd admit they're fake because they are.

"David's talented but what does Victoria do? Nothing."

Uh, she doesn't have to do anything, she just kind of is. Speaking of doing things, what the hell does Jordan do? Except for blowjobs?

Bitch better watch herself, I love her but Posh will always be my #1 ho.


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Here's a screencap of CariDee on Gossip Girl. She's supposed to be appearing on the sixth episode of the show this season.

At least she's acting. If she can't hack it as a model, might as well try acting.

This is supposed to be Britney's album cover for Blackout. First of all, wasn't that the pic used for the VMA promos? Recycling much? Everybody is talking about how this isn't the cover that it's going to be "awesomer". I'm going to disagree. Everyone said she was going to have an amazing performance at the VMAs, that didn't happen. Then after she sucked opening, they said she would perform again. Didn't happen. And then everyone said that her video that was released on ITunes wasn't the official release, that it would be premiering on TRL. Well, it did and it was the same shit. Sigh.

Here is the official video for Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5. This is actually one of my favorite songs on the album and I love the video.

I want to love it, I really do, but I have a feeling this is going to be horrible. First of all, ScarJo isn't that great an actress. Second of all, Nat-Nat Portman's English accent annoys me (V For Vendetta). But then there's Eric Bana, and he's fucking amazing. So I'm going to give it a chance when it comes out.

Samaire Armstrong, who plays Juliet Darling on Dirty Sexy Money, checked herself into an outpatient rehab program for "personal issues".

"Samaire Armstrong decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well," the rep said in a statement Friday. "She continues to work on her show and will be completing her treatment in a matter of weeks.

I love her character on DSM and wish her luck!

Source via ONTD

Who makes it to the final two on ANTM.....