Friday, February 15, 2008

Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Eric Bana posed for The Other Boleyn Girl photocall in Berlin at the Berlin film festival earlier today. I'm not digging either one of their outfits. ScarJo needs to quit it with the tights and Nat-Nat looks like she's literally wearing a brown paper bag. But Bana is gorgeous, and that's what really matters. I've had a crush on Eric Bana since Black Hawk Down. He's so freaking hot.

Thank God

Thank god for the nipple slip! Jordan was starting to become boring and I was starting to fall into depression. I mean, Jordan boring?!?! Don't even get me started on her wanting to take out her implants and make them smaller again. Ugh, she's killing me.

But now she's come back and popped a nipple out, just for old-time's sake, I'm guessing. Sigh. Everytime I think I'm done with her, she does something to pull me back in.

Here's more of Katie Price signing copies of her book looking as tacky fabulous as ever.

P.S. - Click the pic above to get the uncensored effect.

New Mariah!

Mariah Carey has released her first single from her upcoming CD! The song is called Touch My Body. For real. It's ok, not stellar, but it's Mariah so it's good enough.

Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson graced the cover of W magazine to promote their new movie The Other Boleyn Girl. I really want to see this movie, even though I'm an Ann Boleyn fan. Anne of the Thousand Days fucked me up for weeks when I saw it in middle school.

Anyway, I think the two look gorgeous, even though I can't stand Natalie Portman. That and Maggie, the chihuahua, steals the show in these pictures. Bitch is fierce.

I went to see the first one three times in the theater so you know I'm going to see this one. And yes I cried about twice during the entire. STFU, I have daddy issues. Who doesn't?

P.S. - KOSTOS!!!

I honestly have no idea who to root for anymore. I think I'm going to go with Claire because she's nuts.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I rarely think babies are cute but Christina Aguilera's son Max is adorable. The two appear on the cover of People. It's good to see Christina looking simple and without pounds and pounds of orange makeup on her face.

I've been tagged by the fabulous Bianca.

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On another note, I've been gone because I've been moving. My move-in date is for next Friday, so I can't wait. I've been painting, cleaning, packing and best of all shopping. I bought a new bedroom set which is freaking fabulous. The best part about it is that it comes with 5'5 tall jewelry chest that supposed to hold more jewelry than I even own, but who cares, it's amazing.

Fergie has been chosen for the new MAC Viva Glam spokesperson. I'm not going to make any cracks at her being chosen for a makeup brand when she should've been chosen by Adobe because you know it's the photoshop that really makes her look somewhat cute.


Here are two more ads which feature Eve and Dita Von Tease.

Your Song by Elton John. The song can be found on his album, Elton John.