Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey guys, I won't be around much today or this weekend because my grammy's in the hospital. She seems fine now but they're keeping her overnight again for more tests.

I leave you with a preview of the upcoming episode of ANTM. My guess is either Whitney or Stacy Anne get cut next...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So why not just throw her in? It'll shut her up, at least. I'm guessing that's the only way to get her to stop talking about herself.

Tyra Banks and some ANTM bitches planted a tree in NYC with mayor Michael Bloomberg to celebrate, well, herself. Did you honestly think she'd plant a tree if it wasn't in honor of herself or her show?

Bittersweet Faith by Bitter:Sweet The song can be found on their album, The Mating Game.

Two of my favorite people in the same picture! I haven't been this excited since I saw Brad Pitt in Fight Club. J.K. Rowling and Jordan both attended the Galaxy British Book Awards last night in London, looking like the classy ladies they are. Actually, J.K. is a classy lady. Jordan on the other hand...

Wait, what the hell was Jordan doing there? Certainly not for the Drag Queens and Trannies book. But I have to admit that I love Jordan a little more for wearing glitter green and gold eyeliner/shadow.

One of my favorite bitches Jordan (Katie Price can fuck off) borrowed one of her husband Peter Andre's "special" dresses for an autograph signing. She signed copies of her new children's book series, Mermaids and Pirates. It should've been called Trannies and Drag Queens, cause that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see Jordan in that travesty of a costume.

Honestly, she couldn't find a cuter mermaid costume?

Fierce Bitch

You all should know by now that Eva Green is one of my favorite bitches. Bitch is fierce. And she has great style. Sure she wears some crazy ass shit sometimes, but she pulls it off. I love her. That and she was damn near amazing in The Dreamers.

Here's more of Eva at Robert Wilson's watch launch gala in Switzerland. It's like every day is the Academy Awards for her. Love it.

Total upgrade from the last one.

Name that bag: Secretista

Leighton's style: Fashion Ivy

Stacey Dash is all kinds of fabulous. Still: Mahalo Fashion

That be Christian Francis Roth: WB Jewelry

My family likes me better when I'm drunk: Ex Everything

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coco has some competition for my affection: The New Jack

Mischa's new do or don't: Coco's Tea Party

Fashion and Juno's and Posh, oh my: Mahalo Fashion

The cuteness of Henry in Balenciaga: WB Jewelry

I miss jumping rope. And double-dutch: Sick.

"After 10 years of living as an “almost married” couple, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis plan to make it official. Life & Style reports the couple, who already have two children together, will marry this summer."

I wake up. It's a beautiful morning. I walk the dog. Walk to the bank. Eat some Cape Cod kettle chips. Drink some water. Turn on the computer. And find that bullshit in my inbox. Thanks mom.

Ugh, why! I don't believe it. Ok, yes, part of that is denial. But weren't they supposed to get married last summer and that never happened. So there is hope, after all.

Apparently they're getting married in Georgia so Johnny's family in Florida can attend the wedding. By family, I hope he means me. Because being the mother of his future children, I'd pretty much say that's family.

Anyone want to take a roadtrip with me this summer?


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've been super busy with life these past couple of days. It was my mom's 6th 39th birthday on Saturday and my family came down from NYC so it's been all kinds of crazy. Sorry I've been neglecting you guys, I do miss ya! I should be up and completely running by tomorrow.

I leave you with Pequena Amy Winehouse. I think I'm falling in love with a transsexual midget.