Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"After 10 years of living as an “almost married” couple, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis plan to make it official. Life & Style reports the couple, who already have two children together, will marry this summer."

I wake up. It's a beautiful morning. I walk the dog. Walk to the bank. Eat some Cape Cod kettle chips. Drink some water. Turn on the computer. And find that bullshit in my inbox. Thanks mom.

Ugh, why! I don't believe it. Ok, yes, part of that is denial. But weren't they supposed to get married last summer and that never happened. So there is hope, after all.

Apparently they're getting married in Georgia so Johnny's family in Florida can attend the wedding. By family, I hope he means me. Because being the mother of his future children, I'd pretty much say that's family.

Anyone want to take a roadtrip with me this summer?



  1. molly said...
    im so down for a crashing-johnny-depps-wedding road trip!
    WAT said...
    I thought they were already married!

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