Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dax Shepard and Kate Hudson have reportedly split up. No more messes to clean up on aisle 5!

The two have been dating since she ended things with Owen Wilson, who she dated after ending things with her husband, Chris Robinson. Damn, girl gets around.



Uncle Kracker plead guilty to misdameanor assault chargers on Friday. Kracker was sentenced to twelve months probation and a $1500 fine as well as undergo alcohol assesment.

Kracker, whose real name is Matthew Shafer, smacked a girl after she smacked him for putting his hand up her skirt.

I'm sorry but he deserved that slap and needs more than a slap on the wrist to learn it's not cool to hit a girl, especially when you were the one being the asshole.


So I was watching the trailer of Omarion's new movie, Feel The Noise, and in the trailer Victor Rasuk's character says "Reggaeton's about our struggles, our dreams". Hmmmmmmmmm.

Uh, as a Latina that was around for the inception of reggaeton, I thought it was mainly about having fun and grinding on people. What struggles and dreams does reggaeton represent? Damn, I must be shallow then, if I don't see the struggles and dreams of people as I watch a girl shaking her ass and a guy thrusting on said ass on the dance floor.

Just wondering.

David Beckham's dad Ted is said to be conscious after suffering a heart attack in London earlier this week.

David and Victoria flew into London to be at his side and now he seems to be in stable condition.

Father and son haven't had the best relationship since Ted wrote a tell-all book about David. But hopefully things will smooth over now that they realize that life is too short.

Damn. What's up with the sentimentals today? Ugh, I'm done.


Is the mother-fucking princess having marital problems? Avril has denied that she's seperating from her husband, Deryck Whibley, but we haven't seen her and Deryck together in forever and he wasn't around to celebrate her birthday. Hmmmmmm.


Lindsay Lohan's dad is going to be helping her cope with being sober. He's going back to Utah to couch her through in an outpatient program.

I'm sorry, I know it's your dad and all, but the last thing Lindsay needs is for her parents to coach her in anything. He'll run to OK! or People! and tlel them exactly what happened, and Lindsay needs to stay out of the spotlight and work on herself for a bit.

Damn. Was that me being nice to LiLo? I must be getting my period or something.


Elizabeth Taylor will be getting married to Jason Winters and her friends are crying "Publicity Stunt!"

According to her friends Elizabeth and Jason are just friends and don't have "that kind" of relationship. A source at the Daily Mail says:

"I know Elizabeth is very close to Jason, but the idea of them marrying is silly stuff."

The Daily Mail is now saying that the whole plan for the wedding is just a publicity stunt because Elizabeth wants to make a comeback in movies. Ruh? Yeah, that's right, Elizabeth "Gladiator" Taylor wants to make a comeback in movies after a 30 year absense. Elizabeth wants to make her big comeback as Norma Desmond in the remake to Sunset Boulevard.

Ok, I love me some Liz Taylor but come on, she can barely speek correctly, how is she going to remember her lines? I call "Publicity Stunt!" with the rest of her friends.


Pete Doherty has promised Paul McCartney to stay off the drugs. Petey and Paul spoke while Pete was in rehab and he promised him that he would stay clean.

I'm sorry, I'm not from the U.K., but what is Pete Doherty famous for, other than being high? I know he's in a band and everything but getting high has been the best thing for his career.

I kid, getting clean is good for all and a positive step in his life. His career on the other hand...


Paris goes on The Late Show and gets pissed because they make fun of her being in jail. No fun! I thought weed was supposed to make you chill.


How freaking adorable is that! Not Brit-tit, of course, but London! I want one! Someone buy me a London. I know I've already got Yoda but she'll get used to not being my favorite anymore. JK?

Anyways, London took Britney to get some Starbucks. Wait a minute, what ever happened to Bit Bit and Lucky?

Run, London, Run!!!

Oh, Dear

I love Christina Aguilera. I really do. And it kills me everytime I see her painted up like a clown! Pregnant women are supposed to clow and look radiant, not like a blinde five year old did your makeup! Way too much eye makeup, lip makeup, and face powder. And bronzer. Ugh.

Here's more of X-Tina with the hubby in L.A. yesterday.

Tour De Amor

Jellotore kicked off their tour "En Concierto" last night in Atlantic City. I'm starting to become a believer in that she's preggers. I mean, I know baggy dresses are the craze this fall but she's taking it a bit to the extreme. I'm not digging the clothes at all. They're a little too retro, even for me.

OMG they're like the new Sonny and Cher! Bob Mackey, anyone?

Guess Who:

Guess who's trying her hand at "DJ-ing".

Answer after the jump!

Jaslene, y'all! ANTM Cycle 8 winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, hosts An Evening at Aura in the Bahamas.

Suicide Pact?

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have decided that if they ever get an illness that affects their brains.

In her new book, Survivor, Sharon details what she wants for her future in case something were to happen to herself or Ozzy.

"We believe 100 per cent in euthanasia so have drawn up plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever have an illness that affects our brains. If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer's, that's it - we'd be off.

"We gathered the kids around the kitchen table, told them our wishes and they've all agreed to go with it.

"I saw my father suffer from the day he came back into my life in 2002 to the day he died in July. There's no way I could go through what he did, or put my kids through that.

"At least with something like cancer you can communicate, say how you feel and explain why your body hurts.

But my father deteriorated at such a rapid speed he became a shell of himself - dribbling, wearing a diaper and tied into a wheelchair because he didn't realise he could no longer walk.

"Some say the disease is hereditary so at the first sign I want to be put out of my misery.

"Ozzy and I have asked our lawyers to make the appropriate arrangements. It's taken away some of the fear of our ending and is a final gift of love to our kids."

She also reveals that she's on anti-depressents and has been for ten years and that she wanted more kids after having Jack, but had to go on In Vitro Fertilization.

"The wait for results, for each phone call, was mental torture. It did me in and I couldn't go through it again."

I have to say that I agree with her. I believe in the right to die and don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing to want to die. Now, I'm not saying that everyone who's had suicidal tendencies or thoughts should just go ahead and kill themselves but if you are serious in wanting to end your life because you're suffering, then you should be able to seek medical attention to help you.


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Friday, September 28, 2007

You know there's something wrong with you when you're trying to act like Pambo and had nothing on her.

Heidi Montag gets "caught" on the beach, "Baywatching" it in the sand.

And not in the way that we saw in that video. Noelia talks about the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of her stepfather and manager,Carlos Topy Mamery, in 2003-2004.

(If you don't know what's going on with Noelia and Yolandita, read my little recap after the jump first!)

Noelia sat down with People En Espanol and told them that her stepdad had raped her and forced her to have sex with him because if she didn't he would ruin her career.

“Me siento ridícula contando la historia porque hay cosas, detalles que están tan y tan [atroces] que yo digo: ‘Es más fácil que la gente piense que yo estoy loca’”, dice la cantante de 30 años, refiriéndose al supuesto abuso que sufrió a manos de su ex manager y padrastro, Carlos Topy Mamery. De acuerdo con Noelia, durante 2003 y 2004, Mamery la forzó a tener relaciones íntimas bajo las amenazas de arruinar su carrera y dejarla en la calle.

"I feel ridiculous telling this story because there are things, details that are very [atrocious] that i say: 'It's easier for people to believe that I'm crazy'". says the singer, 30, referring to the supposed abuse that she suffered at the hand of her ex manager and stepfather Carlos Topy Mamery. According to Noelia, during 2003 and 2004, Mamery forced her to have intimate relations with him under threats of ruining her career and throwing her out on the street.

OK, I'm not saying she's lying because she's probably not, (it's kind of creepy that he admitted to watching the sextape) but if you don't want to talk about it, why go to People magazine? I mean, WTF? I'd rather people think that I was crazy than people knowing everything about my personal life.


If you haven't followed the story Noelia and her mother, Yolandita Monge, have been fueding for quite some time and it hit the wall when a sextape surfaced of Noelia getting "The Royal Treatment" by Yamil's peen.

Some back and forth happened with mom and daughter but then mom came out and said Noelia was bi-polar. Noelia then went on the Cristina show talking about how her mother never loved or cared about her and that she didn't even really raise her anyways.

Yolandita fired back by going on Don Francisco and calling Noelia out, saying that she did raise her and her Noelia was fucking nuts. Yolandita said that her she'd never seen the sextape but that her husband had. WTF?!?! I know.

About a month or so after that Yamil, a reggaeton artist, came out and said he was the one who was in the sex tape with Noelia and that he had the tape and was forced to give it to Carlos Topy Mamery, aka Noelia's stepbrother and then the next thing he knew it was all over the internet.

Ok, so that brings us up to date.

Michelle Rodriguez is in trouble! Big Time! Michelle has repeatedly violated probation, hasn't fulfilled her required community service and the judge is pissed!

He has set another court date for October 12. In the meantime, Michelle has to complete 16 hours of community service. If she doesn't own up to what she does, Michelle could face a maximum of 537 days in jail. Even if she does, the judge wants her to spend some time in jail. Hopefully it won't be a couple of minutes like the last time!


A Ho, Mateys!

Brit-tit woke up and thought it was Halloween and decided to flash us the coochie out with her friends in Costa Mesa, California.

At least she was wearing panties. Silver lining, bitches, silver lining.

Bridget and her baby son John were out and having lunch looking adorable. Ten bucks Tom Brady still hasn't seen him...

It's a dress and it's adorable! Awe, she looks so much like Brad.

Check the rest out after the jump!

Photographed by: Mike Rosenthal