Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not seeing anything. I plan on Fasting, sleeping and catching up on the ANTM recaps this weekend.

One of you bitches better have gone and tell me all about it. Shoot.

Jenna Jameson attended the midnight screening of her new movie, Zombie Strippers, at pretty much the only theater it's playing at. I hate movies that try to be "cult classics". It either happens or it doesn't. Except for John Waters. Anything he touches is gold.

Who wants to see Foxy Brown?: YISIAW

When is Big Love coming back?: Mollygood

More Lohan Wackyness: Dlisted

Jakey G is P-I-S-E-D. Pised?: Celebslam

Enough with the Speidi fakery: ASL

Dear whoever the hell is making this movie,

You're sucking. Horribly. Confessions of a Shopaholic was a good book. Well, ok, it was a fun read at least. But you, Mr. or Mrs., are fucking up the movie version.

First of all, Becky Bloomwood was British. Second of all, Becky Blomwood was an amazing dresser. In your film, she is neither. She was a fucking personal shopper for Barneys, for crying out loud! The tragic mess you've got Isla Fisher wearing is horrible. This film could have been the next Bridget Jones's Diary. But you've failed in trying to make it the new The Devil Wears Prada. With bad fashion.


ANTM Preview

My guess is Whitney goes home next. And that's just because I can't stand her.

I used to find Milo Ventimiglia really attractive, but now he just creeps me out. It's that whole banging Hayden Panettiere thing. I know, age doesn't matter, but you know what, it totally does. When I was 14 I dated a 19yo and don't get me started on that mess.

Anywhoo, Milo was on TRL earlier this week. You know what, fuck it. He's still hot. More shirtless scenes on Heroes, please.


It must suck to be Rumer Willis. Actually, not really. She gets to go to all the hot parties, make-out (supposedly) with Orlando Bloom, and has hella cash. So what if she has an unfortunate head?

Rumer attended the hot stylist party last night sporting a new weave. Girlfriend needs to learn that no matter what she does to her hair, it isn't god and can't work miracles.

Orlando Bloom was caught filming a scene for his new movie, New York, I Love You. It's kind of a sequel to Paris, je t'aime, which is the best movie ever. My got me in to the NYC premiere and he better deliver on this one, even though I don't think he's working on it. Ooh, nevermind. NatNat Portman is producing/starring in this one too and y'all know how I feel about her.

I'm guessing Orlando plays a homeless guy in the movie. I've seen hot homeless guys in NYC before, but they're usually meth-heads who'll go gay for pay. Only on the receiving end, though.

Here's more of the gorgeous Orlando on-set. Sigh. He's so pretty. We'd have beautiful curly-haired children.

I knew there was something fishy about those Ashley/Pete baby rumors. Neither are confirming or denying the rumor, which make me believe Papa Joe Simpson started them all (or leaked her real pregnancy) to drum up some publicity for her shitty album. Which is her baby. Which she is giving birth to. Damn, that would hurt.

The Beckhams took the kiddies to Pink Taco yesterday to celebrate Victoria's birthday. Pink Taco for your birthday! I'll pass, thank you. I prefer pink diamonds.

They are the cutest family ever. And her dress is so cute.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer from Florida (of course) is releasing a children's book about plastic surgery. He wants the book to teach children how to "cope" when their moms go under the knife. In other words, he's looking for a gimmick to put his name out there.

I don't agree with the book, but I can sort of get it. When my mom had her lips and then her eyes done (you didn't hear that from me) I freaked the fuck out. I was old enough to understand (11), but still. She looked like a tranny version of Howard The Duck. Damn, I need to find those pictures.


Suck It In

My mom loves Touch My Body. It freaks me out a bit when she sings it. I should be used to it being my family's insane.

Anyways, Mimi Carey signed copies of her CD E=MC2 yesterday at the Hard Rock Cafe. You know, on anybody else that outfit would be tragic. On Mimi, it's not so tragic. Ok, that's a complete lie. Part of me wants her to dress better and wear better fitting clothes but the other part of me loves her eccentricities that no other person could pull off.