Friday, January 25, 2008

It's that time of year, ladies! Flavor Of Love 3 will be premiering on VH1 later this month! I can't wait. I'm tired of these fake skanks on Rock of Love, the real crazy bitches are back! Check out the cast after the jump!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amy In Rehab

Amy Winehouse has finally entered rehab. Earlier this week I posted a story about her going in but then it turned out to not be true but now she's gone in. I'm guessing her record label forced her to go after a video surfaced online of her smoking crack. They have issued this statement.

"Amy entered the facility by mutual agreement and continues to receive the full support of all concerned. Amy is the most talented and important musical artist of her generation and has made huge strides on her road to recovery. Universal Music Group wants nothing more than to see her take the time she needs to come back to full health and fulfil her incredible potential with the label.

"The label has always had the best interests of Amy at heart and has been guided by her family and doctors in the last few months as to the best direction to take. All concerned feel that Amy must put her health before all considerations and will be by her side whenever and wherever they are needed."

I say amen. I've loved Amy for a while and can't wait


"Cameron is a big old belcher, but I can't belch. One night I had a heavy dinner, so I combated her belching with something I could do. We were in side-by-side beds, so it was her disgusting bodily function versus mine. It was an Eva-Cameron fart-belch off."
-Eva Mendes. Classy.

Glory Box by Portishead. The song can be found on their album, Dummy.

Fans have been mourning Heath Ledger's death and have stopped by his Brooklyn apartment to pay their respects and show their support by leaving flowers and candles outside his building.

It has been rumored that Heath was dating Mary Kate Olsen, which is why his masseuse called her before calling 911. He was also rumored to be dating model Gemma Ward before his death earlier this week.

A memorial for Heath will take place in Los Angeles before his burial in Perth, Australia. A memorial for him will also take place at his old school, Guildford Grammar.

Halle Berry sported a new hairstyle to acompany her expanding baby bump. I'm not sure I like it, actually. It reminds me of Shirley Temple or bad perms of the eighties. But then again she could have just left it curly because she didn't feel like straightening it. Hopefully it's temporary. Either way, she's gorgeous, but this cut does nothing for her. Fuck it, I blame the rain for this. Humidity and rain is a bitch.

Paris Hilton actually looks kind of good. I mean she looks clean and sparkly and I have no idea what's wrong with me. Maybe I'm still sleepy, maybe my honey nut cheerios were laced with something, but I'm serious. Paris attended a screening of her new movie, The Hottie & The Nottie in Dallas, Texas.

Not that I'm saying she's completely washed the skankiness off, but she looks good. I don't even mind the tights/shoes combo.

Carmen Electra got rid of the bangs, bags and wrinkles for the premiere of her new movie, Meet The Spartans. The movie spoofs a bunch of other movies, in the same shitty way that Epic Movie and Date Movie did. I'm so sick of this Scary Movie ripoffs. And they've all sucked since the Wayans brothers left after the second one.

Anyways, Carmen looks hot again, so all is well in the world. We don't need another Pam Anderson in the world.