Saturday, September 15, 2007

ANTM's Melrose walks at the Malan Breton show at Fashion Week. Reality whores!!! Malan was on Heidi Klum's show, Project Runway and Melrose was runner up in Tyra Banks's show America's Next Top Model: Cycle 7. Love it!

The last three are pictures of Melrose with some fans at the Keith Michael show.

Holy Fuck

Literally. Mormons Exposed is a website where you can buy a calendar of Mormon missionaries shirtless. It's fucking hilarious, you have to check it out. And even better most of them are hot as hell. I'd fuck a Mormon missionary. Hell, I'd fuck a priest, a rabbi and a voodoo witch doctor too. What! I'm just saying.

It's Sulu!!

God I love George Takei, especially when he's on Stern. They should totally do an odd couple type special for HTV with him and Artie Lange. Priceless.

Don't believe the rumors about Hayden and Milo hooking up. She's way too touchy feely with most of the cast members on Heroes. Remember those pictures of her grinding on her TV dad? Hey, I'm not knocking it, I'd do it too. There's nothing wrong with being a ho and bitch doesn't seem to care.

All this Heroes news is great! The cast partied it up at the Perry Ellis Heroes Pre-Emmy party.

I miss Isaac, though. I hope he comes back at some point in the second season.

Some of the hot messes from past ANTM cycles posed for a photoshoot in Radar Magazine. I loved Kahlen and thought she should've won, but apparently she doesn't want to model anymore.

I never liked Nickelback before, just a little too "country" for me but I really dig this song. And the video for it is brilliant, imho. Maybe it's because Furio is in the video.

(Or lack thereof)

She's suffering from The Tyra, where she thinks everything has to be "fierce".


Ugh, guess who's back. Back again. Eminem's coming back after four years of dealing with family shit. Am I the only one that really doesn't like him? He's so not hot.

That being said when I was in H.S. and that poster was in a magazine I was looking at in class my teacher passed by my desk and gushed about how hot he was. I gave her the poster.

Angelina Jolie's new ad for St. Johns. I'm not digging it. All of her recent clothes have looked so old. Ugh, she needs a stylist. And a nanny, Brad's looking tired.

Amy Winehouse wants to gain weight and has allegadly already gained 15 pounds by gorging herself on McDonalds. I call bullshit! We haven't seen any pictures of her looking heavier so I don't buy it.

There's also speculation that she's trying very hard to have a baby with her fellow crackhead husband. CPS better stay on that one, if it's true.


Media Take Out is confirming that Jennifer Lopez is in fact pregnant. She's been trying for a baby since she first hooked up with Marc. Damn. Can you imagine how fat that ass is going to get?

The Sun has posted pics of Owen Wilson at the beach sporting his suicide scar. I guess he just tried the one wrist because the other one didn't have a scar.

Remember that movie The Craft where Robin Tunney has the suicide scar and one of the other chicks tells her she did it the right way. My friends and I used to totally watch that movie religiously when I was like twelve.

Fuck that shit, I'm in love with both of them. Sigh.

Here's David in his campaign ads for Motorola


Heroes promo scans. Isn't it only two more weeks?!!!?!?!

I fucking love Victoria Beckham. I don't give an eff what people say she's fucking amazing. This bitch wears Prad and Chanel to pick up her kids from school! LOVE IT! Anyway, here are some scans of her book, That Extra Half An Inch.