Friday, August 10, 2007

That is the most hilarious thing I've heard in a while. Someone needs to go to Utah and snap some pics of that shit for me.

Darlene from Rosanne (aka Sara Gilbert) gave birth to baby girl Sawyer Gilbert Adler last week. This is baby number two for Sara and her girlfriend/wife Allison Adler. Allison gave birth to a baby boy, Hank Levi, in 2004. Congrats on the baby!

Movie Night

What movies are you seeing this weekend? I'm a chicken but I really want to see Skin Walkers. Plus Stardust (despite Claire) looks pretty sweet.


This shit is hot, I don't care what y'all say. Chanelle, some reality whore from the U.K. dressed up as Posh to a club. I love Posh, but I have to say that Chanelle looks hotter in the outfit than she does. So what if she got that shit at Ross.

Nicole Richie actually looks pretty good here. She looks heavier overall, thankfully. I'm glad for her. I've always been a "Team Richie" kind of girl, though.

David Beckham finally got some good time on the field last night. Lucky for me he went shirtless. They lost, but we won. Sigh.

Paris (no-ass) Hilton and Adrian Grenier? WTF to the max! Why did I think he had more self respect?

Mexican SuperSinger Cristian Castro wants his mother Veronica Castro to be a grandmother to his daughter. Veronica and Cristian had a very public fallout over the past couple of years. Cristian says:

“If she doesn’t want to be a mother, if she doesn’t want to be a mother-in-law, then fine, but that she be a grandmother is something important for me and it would make her happy too.“

I totally agree with him. It's hard, especially if you don't get along with the mother of your grandchild, but you should put things aside for the child, at least.

Eva Mendes is either amazing or horrible and I love this ensemble. I usually don't like gold but it looks great on her. Plus the shades are great.

He's too freaking hot for words, especially in The Amityville Horror. So what if the movie sucked hardcore.

First post!

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