Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finally! It looks pretty cute in this picture. Angie and the kids (minus Shiloh and Brad) visit Central Park.

A former housekeeper of Luis Miguel and family claim that Aracely Arambula and LuisMi are expecting their second child together.

First it was Salma. Then Thalia. Now it's Paulina and Aracely. Viva Mexico!

Larry Richette, 48, has been accused of beating up his 79 year old mother, Lisa Richette, who also happens to be a judge. When Monique Braxton with the local television news station showed up to ask him some questions, he opened the door in a robe and then this went down:

"Is the camera on?" asked Larry Richette as he answered the door.

"Yes, I'd like to talk to you about the charges against you involving your mother," Braxton said.

Richette pulled back his robe and flashed Braxton and her photojournalist, saying, "That's what I think of TV news."

HOT! His mom first accused him of assaulting her and then went on to change her story, saying that she fell out of bed.

Amy Winehouse and her husband were walking around London doing "just fine". This is after they got into a huge fight a couple of nights ago leaving both of them bloody and bruised. Amy claims he didn't hurt her and was trying to save her life.

Dog cadavers, which seemed to be burned, were found in DMX's Arizona home along with "a large number of weapons, some drug paraphernalia, and a lot of cars that don't match the license plates." DMX's lawyer states that Earl Simmons (DMX's real name) hasn't been to the house in months and doesn't know about any of it. This comes after twelve dogs were rescued from that home in a
"distressed condition". DMX has plead guilty to animal cruelty in a past 2002 case.

First of all, y'all know I have the oracle (llora) so animal cruelty is a huge deal to me. I used to like DMX but if this is true and he was involved, he needs to go to jail.

This one wasn't as easy as I thought. It was Beth Ditto, lead singer of The Gossip.

You read it here first! It has been confirmed that Paulina Rubio is in fact pregnant with her first child. Congrats!

Friday, August 24, 2007

That's the rumor all around by Cubans everywhere. Who wants to road trip to Miami this weekend?

My money's still on Heather.

P.S. - Sarah's supposed to be the "big girl" this season. Beth Ditto can blow them all out of the water. Shit.

And no I was not there. Ok, this is what I'm saying. They have a black one, two asians, and a white one. All they need is an Indian and a Latino and they're set! Let me be the little Latino! Or can I donate my ovaries, vagina and uterus to the cause?

P.S. - Somebody needs to do something with Baby Z's hair. I'm just saying, you're in New York, there's bound to be someplace where she can get her hair did. Shoot. Where the hell is Dionne from last seasons ANTM? She knows how to do that shit.

Even J-Lo dropped out of this shit and she did Gigli! I'm all for a Dallas Movie but this is starting to smell a little like Dukes of Hazzard. And Jessica Simpson is supposed to be in this one too. BOMB!

Kelly Preston is going to open a rehab center. Fuck that shit, that wackjob/beard is totally going trying to start another Scientology camp! That shit'll be worse than Wacko. DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!

ScarJo's going over to entertain the troops. She's so trying to be Marilyn. There was only one, ScarJo! Well at least she's doing her part, I guess.

America's Next Top Model's new season starts September 18 on the CW and here's the cast:

Finally! Some hot-ass bitches! Last season it was all dogs and oldies but this season looks HOT! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

P.S. - The bitch in the middle on the floor is totally gonna win this shit.

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Hayden sexes it up in the new FHM UK magazine. Wasn't she only seventeen when she did this? Ugh, whatever. Cute outfits, though.

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Want to smell like coochie? Well have a scent called Vulva Original. I kid you not.

Vulva Original-A Worldwide Exclusive

The erotic, intimate scent of an irresistible woman… The precious, vaginal odour filled into a small glass phial. The phial is shaken gently, only a tiny amount of the precious, organic substance is applied to the back of the hand. And the irresistible smell that exudes from a sensuous vagina immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies and the film starts rolling in your head…

Vulva Original is not a perfume. It is a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.

Ooh I wonder if they're going to come out with different Vulva scents, like Dirty Vulva (the Lindsay) Nasty Vulva (the Britney) and Infected Vulva (the Paris).

Movie Night

What are you planning to see this weekend?

It looks like it's going to be a Josh v Scarlett, with Josh being the winner in the long run. The Nanny Diaries will probably rake in more money but Resurrecting the Champ looks like a better movie. Plus Sam Jackson's in it.
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