Saturday, September 1, 2007

There have been all sorts of rumors floating around as to why Cristian and his mother are no longer close. Some blame his marriage, others say different.

According to Escandalo Tv, he's hit her hard enough to send her to the hospital.

“Una noche estaban en casa de Doña Socorro (madre de Verónica), y empezaron a discutir por las escrituras de una casa. Las cosas entre Verónica Castro y Valeria Liberman no iban bien. Entonces [Cristian y Valeria] pretenden abrir la caja fuerte para tomar esas escrituras, y en ese momento Verónica interviene, y Cristian no sé si la empuja, la cachetea o la golpea por la calentura del momento, pero Verónica cae de espaldas, se vuelve a enfermar y tiene que ser hospitalizada”, asegeró.

“One night they were in Doña Socorro’s house (Verónica’s mother) and they began arguing about the deed on the house. Things between Verónica Castro and Valeria Liberman weren’t going well. Then [Cristian and Valeria] proceed to open the box strongly to take the deeds, and in that moment Verónica interviened, and Cristian, I don’t know if he pushes her, slaps her or hits her in the heat of the moment, but Verónica falls on her back, gets sick again and has to be hospitalized,” he assured.

If this is true he needs to go to jail. You NEVER hit a woman, no matter what.

Cristian, who has recently denied leaving his pregnant wife, filed for divorce.

Uh, why would you need a divorce if you're not leaving her, Cristian?

Chris Brown got freaky with one of his biggest fans onstage at a concert in NYC.

E! host Guiliana DePandi got married to Apprentice 1 winner Bill Rancic on the island of Capri earlier today.


"You don't need license plates in California.

Lil Kim was stopped by the police earlier this week for driving without a license or a tag. Well according to witnesses Lil Kim claims that the car, a gift from her boyfriend in California, was just delivered to her house. She also claims that you don't need license plates in California and she had a New Jersey driver's license. Bitch lied! She didn't have a license in any state.

Lil Kim also yelled at the cops because "if (she) was a regular person (and not a celebrity), it wouldn't be a big deal". Bitche please! Regular people get arrested for either!

George Clooney's lost a lot of weight recently, but he claims he's not sick.

"Well, we do a lot of aerobics, a lot of dance, there is a lot of jazz-ercise, the ab-master, there's the butt-blaster or whatever it's called. And also there is a lot of yoga.

"And I have also just finished doing a movie where I did (American) football with a bunch of 21-year-olds which I highly recomend. That's going to keep anyone in shape."

Whatever he is he's almost fifty and still way hot and nothing else matters. Sigh.

P.S. - I'd sell my mother to get a video of George Jazzercising.

Staff at the Jade Mountain resort are pissed at Amy. The resort in St. Lucia, where Amy and her hubby have been "cutting back" on their drug and drank abuse, have been there for a week and the maids working there are not happy. When they were sent to clean up Amy's suite, they discovered the bathroom was covered in vomit and blood. EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!

Hotel management offered to send for a doctor but Amy declined.


Amy Winehouse's mother-in-law is terrified about what's going on with her son and Amy. She think that at the rat they're going, with the drugs and the booze, they won't survive another year.

Georgette Civil, Blake's mother, sat down with Daily Mail and had these things to say. Scary!

"If he's alive for another year, I think we'll be very lucky.

"I'm so desperate to get Blake away from drugs that I'm even considering paying to have him kidnapped and taken to a safe house where we could get professional help for him.

"Blake and Amy are like two separate accidents waiting to happen. Their meeting simply exacerbated everything that was wrong in their lives to the verge of tragedy.

"Our greatest fear is that if one of them dies, the other will commit suicide, such is their love for one another.

"If Amy died, Blake's life wouldn't be worth living because he'd be vilified.

"He told me as much himself.

"He told me that if Amy died on a Monday he would be dead by Monday night."

Courtney calls Amy Winehouse the biggest cokehead she's ever seen.

“Amy does more drugs than anyone I’ve known.”

“I’ve been with lots of people when they’ve taken coke, including stars like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss.

“But I’ve never seen anyone take as much coke as Amy. Even I wasn’t that bad.”

Damn! You know you should check into rehab when Courtney Love says you need to chill with the coke.

Cristiano Ronaldo, portuguese soccer star for Manchester United, is going to be quizzed by his team owners because he had an orgy with five hookers and some of his teammates. No joke!

The five hookers from London took a cab to his house and stayed there most of the night.

Cristiano's a hottie, a little too much on the metrosexual side for me, but ewwwwwww. Hookers are gross.

Friday, August 31, 2007

What do you think?

I have to admit, Ducklips doesn't look half bad. But who doesn't with amazing lighting, makeup and photoshop, ya know?


I love her

Mariah Carey is finally ready to let go of her divorce and marriage to Tommy Mottola and is rumored to be auctioning off her wedding dress, giving the proceeds to a charity possibly in Venezuela. Who wants to buy that dress! That shit was a mess!

Still nuts

Cristian Castro is pissed because his mom gave birth to a bastard. Seriously. He's upset with his mother because she got pregnant and he's a bastard and that he's been hurting his entire life because he feels horrible for being a bastard. Veronica is pissed and now she's saying that she knows information that will ruin his career forever. What could it be?

My take is that he's gay. He got married to his first wife, treated her horribly, she divorced him, and now he married his current beard. He's either in denial or just doesn't want to come out of the closet, but he's always seemed a little gay to me.

Tisha Campbell has denied that her husband is gay and had an affair with Will Smith. DAMN! I didn't know it was like that, Gina!

I've always believed that the Church of Scientology was really a "community" of sorts of the closeted gays and powerful of hollywood. I'm serious. If you think about it most of the big scientologists are rumored to be gay, including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Tom Cruise. John Travolta. Kirstie Alley. I'm on to something here. And if I don't post for a while, they got me so send a rescue party!

Emma filming her new movie, Ballet Shoes. I loooooved the book and can't wait to see it!

Remember that weird guy from that movie with Hugh Grant, Notting Hill? The one who answered the door in his underwear? Well, he's dating Sienna Miller, who is dating a lot of other people. I love Sienna. She doesn't take herself seriously and sleeps with anybody and everybody. My kind of hoochie!

Here the beautiful couple is getting their drank on in London.

Nick Carter's mom is denying she dropped the dog off, saying that she left the dog with a friend who has a kennel. The dog escaped from the kennel and that's when the animal rescue center got him. The rescue center calls bullshit, saying the dog was left there with a note.

Awe, I could totally picture the note:

Dear people,

I'm a good dog. Take me please,

(paw print)

Movie Night

What are you planning to see this weekend?

Click the poster to see more info about the movie.

I really can't wait to see Halloween. I'm a huge fan of the original and although I'm not big on Rob Zombie's other movies, this one looks awesome.

Ugh what is it with celebs in Central Park this week? They look totally cute and whatever they're selling, I'm buying.

The couple also went shopping for baby clothes. Spekaing of clothes, I totally LOVE her entire outfit.

She looks great, but put a shirt on. This reminds me of chicks in Florida going braless to the supermarket with a long tank-top over their bikini bottoms, shopping around. Not everybody needs to see it.