Friday, January 18, 2008

Old Man Baby

Janet Charlton is reporting that Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner were seen leaving a fertility clinic. Holly's been wanting kids for a while now, even though she shares her boyfriend with the other two girls next door, Bridget and Kendra.

Ew, I'm sorry but I hope she doesn't get pregnant. I know that's mean to say but he's over eighty years old! What kind of father will that make him. Besides, he's technically still married to the mother of his last two kids.



Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss posed for the cover of Vogue Paris for February. Ugh, every time I see Naomi, I think of that horrible interview with her and Tyra where Tyra blamed all of her woes on Naomi. Tyra needs to get over the fact that as much as she tries she will never be a better model than Naomi Campbell.


Popcrunch reports that Christina Aguilera was in full makeup and hair during her 24-hour labor. A source says that she had full on makeup during the labor and even had her signature red lipstick on.

I'm telling you, if it wasn't horrible for your skin, she'd probably sleep in red lipstick and frosted eyeshadow. Can you imagine the mess on the pillows?

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Diego Luna and Sean Penn are rumored to be co-starring in a new movie called Milk, where the two have a couple of love scenes. The story is about Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official. Sean is set to play Harvey.

I'm all for it. Diego's super hot and Sean, well, he's sexy. Sigh. If only Diego and Gael Garcia Bernal could hook up for another movie. I don't mean co-star, I mean, hook up. That scene in Y Tu Mama Tambien is priceless.


Eva Mendes did an interview with a France and the girls almost tried to make an appearance. It's a cute dress but yeah, Eva should invest in some double sided tape next time she wears it.


I loooooove Blake Lively's dress that she wore for Chanel's "Night of Diamonds" dinner last night. It doesn't make her look old and it doesn't make her look skanky. She used to annoy me for some reason or another but I'm loving this chick. She (or whoever dresses her) always picks out the best clothes.

The shoes I don't love. But whatever, the dress is amazing.

Ashley Simpson is looking pretty good with the dark hair. I know, I usually can't stand her, but she looks pretty good here. And the fact that I want her coat helps.

Her and her (douchebag) boyfriend Pete Wentz attended the Cloverfield premiere.

And to be really grossed out, click here. It seems now that Britney is banging FinalPixx(the company that Adnan works for), X17 isn't loving her all that much anymore...

One thing is certain, though. Britney Spears is NOT pregnant right now.

Here's more of her and Adnan going out to eat in L.A. yesterday.

No Words

Whaaaaa...You know what, fuck it. Bitch is never boring and on that I applaud her.

Ellen Pompeo and her husband attended the Chanel Fine Jewelry's "Night of Diamonds" dinner in NYC last night looking fierce.

Here's more of Johnny Depp in the Sweeney Todd premiere in Paris. Ugh, this man can do no wrong.


Salma Hayeck's body is back after giving birth to her daughter Valentina Paloma. But I don't like that dress. It's not flattering. Besides, she needs to let the girls out. Any dress that covers up those beauties is beyond wrong.

Salma attended the opening of the Sergio Rossi store in L.A. yesterday.


Now this is what I'm talking about. Zoe Saldana (who actually stars in J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek as Uhura) attended the premiere of Cloverfield last night. I love her. It's not only because she's Dominican, but because she was in Center Stage. That movie is my guilty pleasure.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Heidi Montag joined the rest of The Hills girls for the premiere of Cloverfield last night. Since this hag doesn't inspire me to write anything, I'll just stop right now.

Oh yeah, her dress looks like she got it at Rave. Rave, for those who don't know, is a shop here in Orlando that sells cheap clothes for hookers. No, the clothes are cheap but they're not for hookers. They're for hookers in training.