Friday, July 18, 2008

Khloe gets booked: Celebslam

Venus looking good: YISIAW

The Chi-Chi's are free!: INO.

Saddest news of the day: Mollygood

Too bad for Lance and Jake: Celebitchy

Well, since I've already seen The Dark Knight aka the best movie ever, I really want to see Mamma Mia. Even though I heard it really sucked.

Bitch, Please

Aint nobody hatin' you. Actually, you know what, i do envy you. You get to be around when Mariah has a meltdown due to the fact that there's no more Hello Kitty bandages. That shit has to be entertainment gold.

Here's more of the happily married couple (lmfao) leaving Nobu in Malibu yesterday.

What kind of fuckery was that? UGH. This movie is going to fail.

Would there really be any other? Honestly though, it surpassed all of the hype.

How fucking amazing does this movie look. I loved the novel so I can't wait to see this. Ugh, 2009.

The only reason I'm posting this is because of Christian Bale. I've never seen a Terminator movie, but I'm definitely seeing this one. I wonder if I have to see the other ones first?

Secret by Maroon 5. The song can be found on their album, Songs About Jane.

Such a classy bitch. Love her.

Brit-tit and K-Fed have settled their custody battle. Kevin still has full custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James, while Britney gets two days and one overnight visitations a week.

I'm glad it's over, at least for the kids.


Here's the video for his song Magic. I really like it. Mostly because he's fucking gorgeous, though.

Violet 2.0

Victor Garber, Jennifer Garner's Alias co-star and the guy who officiated Bennifer 2.0's wedding, has confirmed that Jennifer is indeed pregnant.

"Yes, she is. She is five months pregnant. They are very happy."

Congrats to Ben and Jen! Hopefully they have a boy just as cute as Violet.


Julie met Mr. J!!: JQ Lounge

I need the electroflash collection: Clumps Of Mascara

Banned!: Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Boring's style: SICK.

Celeb look-a-likes: Glorious Nonsense

Wisdom teeth suck: Mahalo Fashion

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Even though I agree with her. The bitches on the view had a hissy fit about using the N-word and Elisabeth started crying. This is probably the only time I've ever kind of agreed with her, but why does she always cry when things aren't going her way in a discussion?

Remember that hilarious game they played (play?) on Loveline, Florida or Germany? Good times.

This beauty was erected in Orlando. Classy, isn't it. I rarely talk about politics on here so I'm not really going to start with this, but seriously. How fucking stupid can people get. I'm not even going to the website to ~investigate~.

I'm not sure if this is a real demo or not, but this shit needs to get released. Apparently it's Britney covering Eminiem's Hailie's Song. Which is totally appropriate, given some of the lyrics.

Click Play below to check it out.


Seriously, I'm loving all of the new stuff she's posted on her myspace. This one is called Who’d Of Known. Unfortunately this song won't be on the new album because she "ripped off the chorus from take that and i can't be bothered with the paperwork."

I can't wait for her new album.


Here's the video to Hayden Panettiere's new song, Wake Up Call. One of the most genius lyrics in the song (oh, there's plenty of them) is, you don't buy me drinks. Um, she's 18. Sigh. Kids these days. My favorite line is, I think I'm gonna have to cheat, to keep your eyes on me. It's like Shakespeare to a faux reggae beat.

All Through The Night by Cyndi Lauper. The song can be found on her album, She's So Unusual.

Ugh, fiercest of all of the fiercest bitches. Except for Posh and Coco. Duh. Here's more of Jordan signing copies of her book Angel at Borders. She should have brought Harvey. He's the real angel.

"She kept the tape in her camera on top of the closet where I couldn't even reach it!"

-Vern Troyer, on the sex tape that his ex leaked. Awe, someone get the poor bb a stool!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ugh, whoever knows where homegirl is staying needs to spill. I got drunk in Mexico and started singing/dancing/stripping in a fountain to Touch My Body. Funnest thing ever. But that's totally off point.

Mariah Carey and her husband (we're still being punked, right?) Nick Cannon were at Disney yesterday. What's sad/hilarious about that picture is that Mickey and Minnie have the most believable relationship between them.

Alba's Spawn

She's actually really cute. I love babies born with a full head of hair. And she looks exactly like her father. Hopefully the douchebaggery of both parents skips a generation.

Andy Dick's mug shot. It screams sex offender, doesn't it? lol

God, how I've missed Chuck Bass.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Why does every starlet think they have to release an album? Seriously. Hayden Panettiere released the first single on her upcoming album on Ryan Seacrest this morning. Is it bad? Yes. Will it be played repeatedly on radio stations across the country. Yes. Should they kill off the cheerleader on Heroes? Absofuckinglutley. Kill the cheerleader, bring back Mr. Eeesaaaahk

Click Play below to listen to Wake Up Call:

"Miley Cyrus! She's the lucky girl. It's cool to hear through the grapevine that Miley Cyrus has my song as her ring tone. Maybe we'll have another Britney-Madonna moment on stage. How hilarious would that be? Although I don't think it would help her career. However, it would definitely help mine!"

-Katy Perry on which girl she'd love to kiss. Bitch, STFU. Doesn't she know Miley's like 15?


Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple. The song can be found on her album, Extraordinary Machine.

Can. Not. Wait!

Oh, Amy, why! If you're not going to tidy it up down there, don't wear low rise jeans!

Here are more pictures of The Dark Knight premiere. I'm still recovering from the vacation so I'm not going to say anything mean. All I'll say is that Maggie Gyllenhaal has a nice dress on. Ok, I'm done being nice. WTF happened to Peter Sarsgaard?!?!?? He was a hot bitch! I blame Maggie. She sucks the hot out of anything. Jakey G. is obviously immune, though.

Here's more of Maggie with the hotness that is Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Cane and a couple of other bitches.

Oh yeah,

What the hell was Boring Conrad doing there?

It's really just a simple request. Christian Bale and his wife attended the premiere of the best movie ever, The Dark Knight. I can't wait to see this. The gorgeousness in this movie is ridiculous. Is it too soon to state that I'd totally ~do~ Ledger as the Joker? Probably.