Thursday, July 17, 2008

Only In Florida

Remember that hilarious game they played (play?) on Loveline, Florida or Germany? Good times.

This beauty was erected in Orlando. Classy, isn't it. I rarely talk about politics on here so I'm not really going to start with this, but seriously. How fucking stupid can people get. I'm not even going to the website to ~investigate~.


  1. xoxo Jaimie said...
    thats awful. some people can be so immature and ignorant. Have you seen any of the horrible racist stuff they've been doing about Obama. I'm not big into politics either, and I knew that him being a black man in a race for president people were going to talk race ish, but its out of hand. I used to think the New Yorker was a respectable magazine. I can't believe they did that.
    CoutureCarrie said...
    That is totally scary!!
    B said...
    What the fuck? Where is thaaaat!

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