Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Photographed by: Nigel Barker







Covergirl of the Week:

Seriously? Whitney CGOTW? Ugh.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lucky Bitch

What? I get to hate. She's fucking Orlando Bloom. Ugh, he's so pretty. Anyways, Miranda Kerr attended Victoria's Secret's "Heavenly Kiss Fragrance" launch in Hollywood. I'm not feeling any of Victoria's Secret fragrances. They don't really smell fresh to me.

But I do have to admit she has a cute dress on. And love the shoes.

Ellen Page attended the Juno press confrerence in Tokyo, Japan earlier today. I love the movie, but damn. Ellen looks cute. I'm actually not feeling the jacket. Though without it, she'd look as if she just got out of bed.

Maroon 5 are collaborating with Rihanna for their new single If I never See Your Face Again. It's not wone of my favorite songs on their album, but the collabo with Rihanna really works.

Check out the entire song below:

In My Dreams by Walter Meego.

I actually really like the video and the song. It also features video of her and her new husband Nick Cannon. I still can't believe they're married. I know it's been confirmed, but I still have a feeling we're being punked.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Of course, Iron Man topped the box office and made a shitload of money. I actually went to see Made Of Honor, who came in second place. I didn't like it at all. My mom wanted to see something and I figured since she loves My Best Friend's Wedding it would be ok, but it was slightly boring and neither of us really liked it. My aunt went to see Baby Mama, though, and loved it. We should have seen that, to be honest.