Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh, The Pain

The picture that's been circulating around the internet as the new teaser poster for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a fake, according to WB. ::tear::

It's actually a really good poster. Yeah, I know the quote is wrong and it was night when they went to the cave, but still, I love it.

And WB better come up with a helluva better poster.

Here are some pics from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I'm actually not that excited about seeing this movie. I know, I love me some Cate Blanchett and Shia Labeouf, but I was never a fan of the series and all the Harry Potter/Sex and the City mania for this year has my brain on block.

I'm not seeing anything new this weekend. I'm all movie-d out, being that I've seen pretty much everything that I wanted to see over the past couple of weeks, including Juno which I beyond loved. On top of that Oxygen's giving Saved and even though I have it on DVD, I'm totally going to watch it.

They have become the hottest couple for me, I don't care what anybody says.

A recap of Britneygate from the past sixteen or so hours:

As I was sleeping last night (lie, I was reading Order of the Phoneix and drinking hot chocolate) Britney Spears went batshit crazy. First she wouldn't hand over the kids, who were supposed to be turned over to Kevin Federline. Kevin sent his bodyguards to pick them up and as the court ordered monitor was putting Sean Prestin in the carseat, Britney locked herself in her house with Jayden James. The police arrived, the helicopters arrived, the paparazzi arrived and then the ambulances arrived. Apparently Britney was under the influence of a suspicious substance and was deamed a danger to herself and others around her. They finally busted through the house and got the baby and took Britney to Cedar's Sinai hospital where she is currently in the special needs unit, which is generally used for housing patients who have tried to commit suicide or have overdosed. She has to stay there for 72 hours but is likely to stay there longer, given that she freaked out on the hospital gurney and laughed hysterically the entire time. Kevin Fedrline now has the two boys and is currently in court trying to take away Britney's visitation rights. The hospital and police have made a statement and said that neither drugs or alcohol were involved, even though they originally thought she was on something when they first got to her.

I'm all about making fun of Britney and crazy people do make me laugh but this is beyond funny and extremely sad. The craziness of the paparazzi aside, imagine being two years old and watching your mom have a meltdown? Hopefully she gets some help and the people that have been assisting her in her downfall (Sam Lufti, Alli Sims, etc.) by doing nothing to actually help her get better stay away for good. Britney's father, Jaime Spears and her sister, Jaime Lynn are reportedly at the hospital with her.

Pamela Anderson has officially filed for divorce from her husband of less than three months, Rick Salomon. Hey, it lasted a month longer than I predicted so that's saying something, right? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

I'm guessing that reality show that these two ex lovebirds were planning is no more. That sucks, that trainwreck would've been entertaining.


There are no words.

Why does this picture of a poster excite me more than a lot of things? Because it's all about Harry Potter, that's why. How freaking amazing is that poster? Sigh. Half Blood Prince wasn't my favorite book in the series but I'm hoping Yates will redeem himself from turning Order of the Phoenix into the shittacular movie that it was. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but no Dobby? Come on, Yates.

on a surprise holiday and come back to find Britney Spears is completely insane. Holy hell.

Sorry haven't updated but as I said before I was on a suprise vacation with the boy and couldn't. I've been trying to catch up on everything that's been happening and have just spent a good two hours reading up on what happened last night to Brit-tit. How sad is that whole situation? Anyways, on with the stories. How did you guys celebrate the new year, btw?