Friday, June 13, 2008

Horror movies all weekend for me. Have a good weekend!

Not Guilty

For serious. R-Kelly was just aquitted of all 14 counts of child pornography. I'm seriously shocked.

Trainspotting is one of the best movies ever, in my opinion. I know, I say that about a lot of movies, but it really is. Not only is the movie itself amazing, but the soundtrack is phenomenal. And I'm very surprised a lot of people haven't seen it. Sigh. Watch it, trust me, it's good. Just don't watch it while you're eating anything. Especially chocolate pudding.

My old neighbor used to play that song over and over again all freaking night. It drove me insane. Thank god I moved.

Anyway, Alicia Keys attended the premiere of the documentary We Are Together. I kind of like her dress, don't really love it, but her makeup is all wrong. Actually, it's just the lipstick. It throws me off. And the eyelashes. But especially the lipstick. Someone needed to just wipe that stuff off. She's still one of the most beautiful women ever, though.

Hef and his bitches attended AFI's Life Achievement Awards las night in Hollywood. I love Bridget, she seems like a sweetheart, but that dress is awful. I actually really like Holly's dress.

The Moneymaker by Rilo Kiley. The song can be found on their album, Under The Blacklight.

Adrianne Curry attended the third annual Marijuana Policy Project party at the Playboy mansion (where else) yesterday. I still can't believe this girl won the first cycle of ANTM. She's gorgeous, don't get me wrong and her pictures were amazing, but still. And it's kind of sad to think that she's been the most successfull (sort of) winner of all.

PS - I hate that dress.


Adriana Lima, one of my all-time favorite girl-crushes, is engaged! Her publicist announced that Adriana got engaged to her boyfriend of 9 months, basketball star Marko Jaric. Now, you may be wondering why I've labeled this a downgrade. Well, it's because she used to date this:

and although Marko is kind of hot,

he's not Lenny Kravitz hot. Here's more of Adriana out and about in NYC yesterday.



Rumor on the street is that Katarzyna (one of the best top model contestants ever, imo), is signed to Elite. I'm glad. Hopefully she goes far so Ty-Ty can finally learn to pronounce her name correctly.

Here's some pics she did for a shoot for The GL Factory. I'm not really digging the style of the shoot but Kata's great.