Saturday, September 1, 2007

There have been all sorts of rumors floating around as to why Cristian and his mother are no longer close. Some blame his marriage, others say different.

According to Escandalo Tv, he's hit her hard enough to send her to the hospital.

“Una noche estaban en casa de Doña Socorro (madre de Verónica), y empezaron a discutir por las escrituras de una casa. Las cosas entre Verónica Castro y Valeria Liberman no iban bien. Entonces [Cristian y Valeria] pretenden abrir la caja fuerte para tomar esas escrituras, y en ese momento Verónica interviene, y Cristian no sé si la empuja, la cachetea o la golpea por la calentura del momento, pero Verónica cae de espaldas, se vuelve a enfermar y tiene que ser hospitalizada”, asegeró.

“One night they were in Doña Socorro’s house (Verónica’s mother) and they began arguing about the deed on the house. Things between Verónica Castro and Valeria Liberman weren’t going well. Then [Cristian and Valeria] proceed to open the box strongly to take the deeds, and in that moment Verónica interviened, and Cristian, I don’t know if he pushes her, slaps her or hits her in the heat of the moment, but Verónica falls on her back, gets sick again and has to be hospitalized,” he assured.

If this is true he needs to go to jail. You NEVER hit a woman, no matter what.

Cristian, who has recently denied leaving his pregnant wife, filed for divorce.

Uh, why would you need a divorce if you're not leaving her, Cristian?


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