Friday, April 18, 2008

Suck It In

My mom loves Touch My Body. It freaks me out a bit when she sings it. I should be used to it being my family's insane.

Anyways, Mimi Carey signed copies of her CD E=MC2 yesterday at the Hard Rock Cafe. You know, on anybody else that outfit would be tragic. On Mimi, it's not so tragic. Ok, that's a complete lie. Part of me wants her to dress better and wear better fitting clothes but the other part of me loves her eccentricities that no other person could pull off.

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  1. SICK. said...
    i love mariah carey.
    i love her.
    she is definitely my guilty pleasure, but i don't understand why i like her.
    she's just so glittery & over the top, and borderline dragqueen.
    she's still awesome though.
    perhaps it's something i'll never understand ...


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