Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are We Being Punked?

Or whatever the hell that Ashton Kutcher show is called? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have reportedly gotten married, according to I don't believe it. Sure, Mimi is batshit crazy but getting married? If this is true, I bet they end this mess in anullment. Or they need to get this crazy train on Divorce Court, like Gary Coleman.



  1. SICK. said...
    nick cannon will always be twelve years old.
    so will lil bow wow & lil romeo.
    but back to the point .
    he should be dating hilary duff or something ! & she should be with someone that doesn't make her look like a cradlerobber.

    mariah is just so ... insane. in many ways this is a good sort of insane, and in others ... not so much.
    it's going to be one cracked out marriage, that's for sure.

    Dominican Enigma said...
    Nah, apparently its been confirmed. Apparently they dated for 1 happy month.

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