Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smart People

Ellen Page and Sarah Jessica Parker attended the screening for their new movie Smart People. I love both their outfits and SJP's pants are freaking amazing.


  1. SICK. said...
    sjb looks amazing, and ellen looks ... nice.
    bland, but nice.
    on anyone else, i would say better things, but she's just so blah.
    wear some colour !!
    good god woman.

    SICK. said...
    i meant sjp.
    Secretista said...
    Jax Poetic said...
    Ellen is just the cutest thing. I <3 her =0)
    Zoƫ said...
    im sorry but i have to disagree here

    that dress on ellen does not suit her body at all, its ill-fitting....and its making me ill actually

    plus the look on her face, i can tell she was forced to wear this...and u know she cant walk in those shoes!

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