Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Better Face

Renee Zellweger attended the premiere of her new movie, Leatherheads, looking better than she has in the last couple of weeks. At least she looks like she's whiped the oil off of her face. She still needs to work on the hair, though.

Her dress is cute and her shoes are amazing. See, I can be nice.


  1. SICK. said...
    ooh, her dress is pretty.

    i had no idea she was in letherheads.. i love her shoes!
    Kat said...
    Her face is def better and those shoes are hawwtttt. lol
    brookem said...
    she is looking better. not as ... manly, and her face isn't looking as... tight. eek. like her dress!
    F.U. said...
    Totally appreciate you trying to be nice LBIC, but you and I both know bitch is fugly. However, I guess we must give credit where it is due, and since combing her hair wasn't an option, we can be glad she wore those fab shoes.

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