Friday, March 28, 2008

I Hate Her

Don't get me wrong, I'm usually not jealous of celebrities, but Gisele Bundchen's body is fucking amazing. That and she's banging Tom Brady. That being said, her face is a meh and I would personally call her a butterface. Yes that's mean, but she's banging Tom Brady so why should she care.

Gisele was in Ibiza to help launch the new Vogue Eyewear Play Everyday Campaign. Ugh, she's banging Tom Brady.


  1. Zoƫ said...
    i find her torso unnecesarily long

    was that mean?

    The Ex said...
    I think she's pretty. Sure - whatev but I also think Tom Brady is a douchebag! A huge douchebag. Leaving your pregnant girlfriend for a model? Can't imagine anything that would hurt worse.
    Trendini said...
    i agree with comment above: tom is a bit douchy

    as for giselle, love the body but is it me or does she look like a hot drag queen on some angle? is it the jaw?? there is some manism going on there lol

    crap, now i am being mean :)
    New Jack said...
    i SO agree...her face is so NOT that serious..way prettier women in the world..*coughs* Adriana Lima...
    SICK. said...
    why the hell is she so gorgeous.
    why why, it's unfair.


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