Friday, March 28, 2008

Fiercee Awards?

Y'all know I'm all over everything ANTM but the Fiercee Awards? Ugh. Tyra needs to just stop. That being said you know I'm TIVOing that ish as soon as it airs on her show, which will be on April 30th.

Everybody and their mother was there. Mr. J, of course, along with my homegirl Jade and some other bitches from the show.


  1. said...
    the fierce awards> was it aired on tv? i never heard about it... and commenting on your post about giselle- omg her body and face is amazing and so is tom brady. lol- im super jealous!
    Katelin said...
    haha i saw these pics earlier and wow. ty ty may be taking the crazy a little too far, haha.
    The Ex said...
    So, is it me or does Carridee look fucking crazy? Bitch needs to TURN AROUND in pictures.
    molly said...
    as soon as i heard about these "fiercee awards" i came to your blog for the 411 haha
    but it looks like youre befuddled too
    i dont blame you
    what is this world coming to?
    New Jack said...
    New Jack said...
    listen to MUST post the video when after it airs! Joanie was NEVER pretty to begin with; CARIDEE IS A BAD BITCH-FIERCE! Jaslene's dress is hideous but not NEARLY as horific as Jade' which who RECOGNIZED her w/ that on her head. Toccarra should NOT wear short hair. Ever. Bianca looks like POWDER. Camille was a bitch, but her and Caridee look the best. Saleshia wasn't even memorable which hurts me cause I love her :) oooo child...great post :)

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