Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Jessica Simpson is publicly dating Tony Romo, who happens to be a play for the Dallas Cowboys. Well, apparently he's been sucking hard and Cowboys fans aren't happy. They want to ban Jessica Simpson from attending any more games because they think she's bad luck. HAAAAAHAHAAAAAAAA. That's fucking hilarious. I say they have a point. I mean, have you seen any of her new movies? Exactly, nobody has. Jessica "straight to DVD" Simpson is what I'm going to start calling her.

In other Jessica news, according to OK!, she wants to remake Pretty Woman because she thinks it's an excellent idea for a hit movie for her. Please, Gods, don't let her do this. She already tried to tarnish my memories of Working Girl and Private Benjamin, don't let her do this to Pretty Woman as well.


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  1. molly said...
    i think, as a resident and fan of earth, she should be banished from this planet and its atmosphere
    whos with me?

    loove your new nickname for her!

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