Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What the fuck ever

Kid Nation, a show I've been waiting to see, is getting a lot of crap from people. The show is about a fuck it, just watch the video promo below.

Anyways, I think the show is a great idea and hope it's still around when my ass has kids. I'll send them packing straight away, but other people have different opinions.

Barry Garron, of the Hollywood Reporter, wants it to be never aired and canceled.

“This has all gone far enough,” he wrote. “It’s time for CBS to cut its losses, apologize for an idea that was well-intentioned but ill-considered and pull Kid Nation from the schedule.”

Whatever. When the hell did this whole idea of children being so vulnerable and fragile come into play? I mean, I understand society is changing but these are probably the same people that give their kids a cell phone at the age of seven or let the little fuckers run around the grocery store while I'm trying to shop.


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