Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who the...?

Some skank Cheryl Cole, from Girls Aloud is talking shit about my Spice Girls, saying that she and her band mates would never do a reunion concert.

Cheryl said: "It just wouldn't be seemly. When we finish, we'll finish on top. And there'll be no comeback."

Um, are they even on top now? I mean other than sex?

She continued: "We could hardly go out as Girls Aloud when we're old and wrinkly. We would have to call ourselves Old Girls Aloud – and that would never do."

Bitch, shut the fuck up. Hello? Doesn’t this ho know that without the Spice Girls she’d be working the pole at the moment? Ugh, whatever.

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  1. selina said...
    eff girls aloud who are they anyway

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