Thursday, July 24, 2008

The picture above of Christian Bale has nothing to do with the post, but hopefully it makes you feel as good as I feel. Plus, hello, it's hot-ass Christian Bale. Is anyone complaining? I think not.

The delicious Blicious has awarded me a Brillante Award! Yay! I am now eligible to eat the Burger King Steakhouse burger. Actually, I think I'll pass on that one, since I fucking hate onions.

I would like to thank Coco, for being a constant source of inspiration. Especially when she either gets naked or has a camel toe. I'd also like to thank Amy Winehouse for making me appreciate my good skin and hair. I also want to thank Chris Crocker, for making my mother actually interested in something I do, being that she has a girl-crush on him (don't even get me started) and asks me what he's up to on a daily basis. And I want to thank you bitches. Because you laugh at my ridiculous jokes. LOVE YOU!

Oh and of course:

And now for the tagged. I'd like to tag all of you, but since I have to narrow it down to seven, I'm naming the following blogs:

Just Kiss 'N Makeup, Mahalo Fashion, Coco's Tea Party, Secretista, Beauty Logic, Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand, and Wendy Brandes Jewelry.

So you guys go ahead and thank moi for your fabulous award, tag seven other lucky bitches, comment them to let them know of the tagging and fantasize about doing the dirty talk sex with Christian Bale. Ok, the last one isn't required but it damn well should be.


  1. Jennifer said...
    I fucking hate onions too! I love you!
    WendyB said...
    Thank you, bitch!
    Secretista said...
    Thanks, yo.
    Dominican Enigma said...
    thanks mamma for the tag! hugs,
    WAT said...
    Heathus Christ?

    Diabolina said...

    ugh the things i'd do to christian or mr. bale cuz I'm nasty :)
    Erica said...
    Damn gurl! Why are you sending me to a cold shower? I only began crushing on Christian Bale after I saw the recent Batman movie. Something about a man in a suit...
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