Thursday, June 19, 2008

Work It Bitch!

Anyone who reads this site should already know that I have a girl-crush on Rachel Bilson. Girlfriend is gorgeous. And who knew she had that body?! Ugh, I love that dress. I want to wear it walking down 17-92 just like Kim Kardashian. But I'd rock it with Gucci shades and my dog on her leash, who happened to get a cute pink striped t-shirt from my mom. She usually hates clothes (i don't give a fuck, she still has to wear them) but she loves it. She fights me when I take it off of her.

Here's more of Rachel at the Whitney Contemporaries’ Art Party and Auction in NY.

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  1. aschlee said...
    I love rachel bilson... she's so cute 'n her style is amazing. I want to trade closets with her :P

    She looks freakin' gorgeous here. I want that dress :P

    Nice post

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