Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've Been Sick

I (obviously) haven't posted anything in literally a week and it's because I've been sick. I have mono (don't ask) so it literally kicked my ass. The best part about it is that I've seen pretty much every episode of Gossip Girl (love it!) and tons of movies (I recommend Un Long Dimanche De Fiancailles). Sorry I've been neglecting your blogs and will catch up as soon as possible.

Love you, bitches!


  1. Zoƫ said...
    aw poor baby

    hope u feel better soon


    doesnt mono have sumthin to do with kissin frogs?

    only kiddin ;)

    WAT said...
    Hey, you're human and you're allowed to get sick. Mono? DON'T ASK? LOLOLOLOLOL!

    Man, I gotta get into this GOSSIP GIRL! The fans are growing! I only watched two episodes but couldn't get into it!

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