Thursday, May 15, 2008

A couple of months ago I posted pictures of the Fiercee Awards, which "honors" women from the show. Well it aired yesterday so check out the winners after the jump!

Biggest Makeover Meltdown
Jaeda, Cycle 7
Bianca, Cycle 9
Jade, Cycle 6

Bullshit, Jade was robbed.

Craziest Phone Call
Natasha, Cycle 8
Shandi, Cycle 2

Bullshit, Shandi should have won.

Worst Walks & Wipeouts
Norelle, Cycle 3
Rebecca, Cycle 4
Jael, Cycle 8

Bullshit, Dani broke her toes in those crazy stripper shoes, remember?

Most Dramatic Exit
Kimberly, Cycle 10
Ebony, Cycle 9
Jade, Cycle 6

Bullshit, Jade was robbed.

Ugliest Cry
Joanie, Cycle 6
Shandi, Cycle 2
Jael ,Cycle 8

WTF kind of category is this?

Lifetime Achievement award: Tocarra

Most Dramatic Change: Shandi

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  1. molly said...
    ugliest cry???
    this seems kinda ridiculous
    and the lifetime achievement award shouldve gone to JAEL or JADE
    they are legends...

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