Friday, April 4, 2008

Naomi In The Clink

Naomi Campbell, who has already been released on bail, could be spending up to six months in jail for her little temper tantrum.

Naomi bitched out some cops at the airport because one of her bags was missing. She ended up spitting on them, then she was arrested. What? You don't fuck with a bitch's luggage.

I love that she's smiling in the pictures, which were taken after she was released. It's like she doesn't even give a fuck. Bitch is hard.


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  1. Secretista said...
    HAHA. She's crazy. When I went to the NYC Halloween Parade, there were two trannies. One was Naomi, and one was a maid! They were awesome. They acted out the phone scene and everything. But, yea, you don't mess with a girl's luggage!

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