Sunday, September 2, 2007

Courtney Love was quoted as saying how much of a crackhead Amy Winehouse is. Well, she says she never has said anything about Amy because she barely knows her!

Courtney emailed Perez Hilton and had this to say:

“NEVER hav i siad SHIT about amy! why would i? imet her god for less time than i wa sxin the roonm woth you nd her- im suspicious about wher this quote cam from its too illtimed- whose her pr? Frued? My sex drugs and rock n rill philosphoy is this unlssyour hurting me or people i love then live and let live - just use a rubber. thaTS IT!

just cos i cant do drugs and havnty for what 3 yers now right? almost exactly- doesnt mean i judge anyone who does, i dont , especially someone i respec t and have only positive thoughts for. My apologies to Winehouse for this nonsense.

u can quote what i jus wrote u its insane. why the fuck would i start being what? the school principal? something fishy.

just im not the school principal. ive never seen or done drugs with amy. i listen to back to black love it abd make no jidgements about anyone unless they are hurting me or people i love. and even then i have very rarely made a comment oublically. this week i got involved in something that i feel maniopulated into quoting about. i prefer to tell people things to thier faces.

as far as ms winehouse shes a fanta to ms winehouse the best of heath and luck. other than that i dont know the lady. nor am i the high school prinipal. i choose to say no to drugs after many many years of trying to beat it. and i finally did but it takes alot of wffort and frankly a big rehab stay. 90 days or m more imho. anyway pls tell her i didnt say anything about her doing drugs and i wouldnt. it would be ridiculous.i remain a huge fan. xc”

Courtney was probably high when she said it and doesn't remember it now. She's always one to pull stupid shit to get in the papers.



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