Friday, May 30, 2008

Gossip Girls Here

Michelle Trachtenberg and Leighton Meester attended the opening of the Chanel store on Robertson Blvd yesterday looking hella gorgeous. I love Leighton's outfit more than Michelle's, actually. And her hair is so adorable.

Lookie who else was there:

Rachel Bilson

Gorgeous. Ugh, she's still one of my girl crushes. Her dress is cute, but I'm not loving the shoes.


  1. Diabolina said...
    cute blog!
    Anonymous said...
    Rachel wins over all of them.
    She's so cute.
    Anonymous said...
    @ She's so cute.

    Of course, isnt that you always says cute everytime you're seeing a MIDGET?
    SICK. said...
    attention rahcel: fedex that bag to me pronto, stat, tonight.

    attention michelle trachtenberg: i hate, and i don't know why.


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