Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hahaa. I love it when these rags use old pics of stars (especially Britney) to "prove" one of their stories.

Ok! Magazine had Brit-tit on the cover claiming that she'd lost 15lbs. In actuality, the picture they used is pretty much five years old.

I blame How I Met Your Mother for all of this. Ok, she was decent on the show but to do a 180 on Britney gossip is ridiculous. I'm going to sound like a see you next Tuesday for saying this, but she's still insane. The reason we haven't seen her acting like a fruitcake recently is because her family's involved in her life again and they're starting to control every aspect of it. I bet you anything in another 5-10 years, she's going to get tired of people telling her what to do again and she'll relapse.

I say all this not only because I'm a bitch, but because crazy Britney was/is hilarious. No offense to the Britney lovers out there, but she was nothing better than a pretty girl who could dance and was very lucky. I don't hate Britney and I do wish her all the best in her life, but the whole oooh, Britney's coming back!! from the masses is a bit ridiculous to me.


  1. WAT said...
    Yeah, you've said it perhaps better than most, that Britney needs to be lead by the hand as to what to do with herself, 'cause the poor thing is lost without those who really care about her to get her to pull through.
    Bitch said...
    To the main "blogger"...get a fucking life...Britney is fucking gorgeous and you are waaaaaaay too consumed with HER you not work? Do you do anything productive..I bet you look like that fat peice of shit Perez Hilton who talks shit about EVERYBODY when all he should be doing is EATING A FUCKING SALAD. You are the most ignorant fuck out there. She makes millions and you are a sad sorry excuse of a human being. And don't you even comment back with "oh you bitch, you're prob. fat and retarded blah blah blah.." Cause I'm gorgeous, wear a size 2 and basically look like Megan Fox..I came across this blog for research..FOR SCHOOL. Read it. And think you are pathetic. Ciao.

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