Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Love Naomi

Naomi Campbell was arrested today at Heathrow Airport after she flipped out. Allegedly, Naomi didn't handle the fact that one of her three suitcases didn't make it and started yelling and screaming. She got on the plane and was still raising all hell when the police came to get her and she spit on them. Seriously. Hauked a supermodel loogie. For realz.

Naomie was arrested and taken into custody. I'm sorry, but video of this needs to get on YouTube asap. If you see a supermodel throwing a tantrum, break out the camcorder and record that shit! Damn, I would've done it with my phone.

This makes it even more fabulous if she ever hosts ANTM. First of all, it'd be a huge upgrade because Naomi>>>>>Tyra. Second of all, bitch is fucking nuts. Not in the annoyingly cheesy, self-obsessed way that Ty-Ty is, but in the fucking nuts, 'I'll gut a bitch for looking at me the wrong way' way.


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  1. WAT said...
    Yes, Naomi goes at it again and loses her insane temper once more. What is wrong with her?!

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