Thursday, April 17, 2008

Besitos Por La Manana

My poor little Petey: Beijing Chic

Hilarious moments in picture form: Glorious Nonsense

Manwood is beyond creepy: Mahalo Fashion

Cutest flats ever: SICK.

More cute shoes: Wendy Brandes Jewelry

P.S. - Yes I know, I haven't posted but after the debauchery of last night where I consumed way too much alcohol and...well, I shouldn't really talk about that online, I am starting a Fast. Today. I am now on my way to being mentally, physically and spiritually pure. Well, as close as I can possibly get.

P.P.S. - Mami C (Grammy) is doing fine. Well, better. She was in a horrible mood yesterday and even pushed me (I know!!!) after I tried to help her get up to go to the bathroom. In her mind she thinks she can just get up by herself and all will be right but she physically can't do it anymore. But then again, she freaking pushed me. Her upper body strength is amazing.


  1. molly said...
    yess a fellow fiona apple fan! the more i learn about you, the more awesome you are!

    i LOVE that amy winehouse picture haha
    LBIC said...
    Ugh, i screwed up. It's supposed to be petey doherty up there instead. But you're right, that Wino picture is priceless.

    And I'm totally listening to Tidal right now because of your blog.
    WendyB said...
    Naughty Grammy! Next she'll be out wilding with other violent seniors.
    Zoƫ said...
    i wanna hear more of the debauchery you participated picture form ;)

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