Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whitney plus size, Lauren awkward, am I ever going to stop hearing these two bitch?

Fatima reveals that she doesn’t have her travel(s) document(s). Did she switch up that s just to fuck with us? Travels document? For reals? The situation was portrayed as heartwarming and of course they had to give Anya the winner’s edit and show her to be caring and wonderful. God, I miss the days of Eva the Diva. Bitch didn’t give a fuck. Boohoo, you can’t travel the world for free? STFU.

Wait, Kat’s getting camera time? WTF?

Paulina stops by the house for a small lesson. She’s there to teach the girls how to behave in a party situation.

And it’s time for the quote of the week!

“Hello, uh, Paulina. My name is Dominique. And your name?”

Oh, Dom-Dom. You bring on the lulz every single week.

I’m starting to hate Whitney more and more each episode.

If the ‘Tyra leaving ANTM’ rumors are true, Paulina’s taking over. I’d love Paulina as host, to be honest. Not only did she call Dom-Dom a tranny, but she seems to genuinely care and gives great advice. They seem to be molding her to take over for Tyra, since Tyra hasn’t had a “heart to heart” with the girls all season.

The next day the girls decide to cook. Lauren slices her thumb open while slicing an onion. I’m really squeamish when it comes to blood and I’m so glad that didn’t show that shit. They ended up taking Lauren to the hospital. Scandal!

Fatima gets a call from a producer who tells her that they’re trying to rush to get her travels document (ugh), but that she’s doing all of this last minute.

Apparently Fatima didn’t know. WTF, in every fucking cycle of ANTM, the bitches go overseas. Why in the hell wouldn’t she think of getting her papers in order? Or did she feel she wouldn’t make it that far. Hmmm.

Whitney again proves how much of a bitch she is and says that Lauren apparently doesn’t know how to use a knife.

But she sure does know what to use a wine glass for!

The next day the girls get a box with a bunch of lemons and limes in it. The girls are going to a party for 7Up.

Wait, more camera time for Kat? Woah, this has to be a record.

Whitney keeps bitching about being plus-size. Bitch, STFU. You’re not working your ass off. If you were working your ass off, you wouldn’t need ANTM to become a top model.

The girls get free dresses to go to the party by designer Jay Godfrey.

I liked Dominique’s dress the best. Which apparently was designed by Jay Giorgio

Whitney drives me insane. I hate that Tyra loves her so much. She obviously wants a plus-size to finally win a cycle, but this bitch needs to go. Her saying that girls who are thin don’t eat is such bullshit. Just because you’re naturally thin, flat or chatta (no ass, in Spanish lingo) doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder. And I totally thought she was going to flash the cameras her tatas. Thank god for double sided tape.

The girls mingle and meet up with some of the judges from the show. Ty-Ty wasn’t there, though…

Hey look, it’s Jaslene! Barf.

In the end, Anya ends up winning the challenge again. Ugh, she’s totally winning the cycle. I called that shit. Jaslene 2.0!

Her prize was a shoot for 7Up all natural.

She gets to pose naked (again), but this time, it’s for $10,000. Bitch. It’s hard to hate her, though.

Awe, Stacy Ann is super jealous :(

Fatima is still worried about not getting her travels document in time.

And surprise surprise, the producers schedule an appointment for her at the consulate at the exact time as their next photo shoot. Subtlety has never been a strong point in this show.

The girls then get a Tyra Mail telling them to pack their bags. It’s time to go overseas!

Final two, anyone? Ugh, I wish.

Wait, more Katarzyna? You know Ty-Ty had nothing to do with this. Bitch hates Kat.

The next morning the girls arrive at a private airstrip, where Jay is waiting there with a private jet.

Apparently the girls are doing a photo shoot and posing with a jet, and aren’t going overseas. Or so they think. Again, subtlety has never been a strong point.

Fatima has to leave the shoot to go to her appointment to get her travels document.

Jay is pissed because he thinks she should have brought it up earlier. I completely agree.

Trannylicious so delicious, make them boys go loco. That totally popped into my head when I saw that picture.

During the shoot, the girls rotate to the first position. I have no idea why, since they didn’t use any of the shots where the girls were rotated:

After the shoot, the girls head to the hanger and surprise:


It’s judging time, bitches!

Tyra states the obvious by saying someone’s missing. As if she didn’t know.

And of course, at that moment, Fatima walks in with her travels document and tells Ty-Ty about her appointment.

Tyra don’t give an eff.

In the end, Fatima and Stacy Ann were in the bottom two,

with Stacy Ann going home. :(

Such bullshit. I kind of agree that Fatima has a better portfolio than Stacy Ann, but bitch is stupid. And not funny stupid either, mean stupid.

Stacy Ann, I will always love you!

Next week, the girls head to Rome! Ciao bellas!


  1. molly said...
    loove kat though shes way too cool to win
    if she was more of a bootlicker, shed have it in the bag though!
    Divine Blackness said...
    Dominique's face makes me want to throw up.

    Which is kinda mean but you said the same thing about Jaslene (and I agree there too) so we're even.
    nywele said...
    I hope Fatima will win....
    I find Anya's hair to be too blond
    coco said...
    I really feel like I should watch the show online or something seeing as everyone is raving about is so much

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