Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amy Winehouse tried to visit her beloved Blake incarcerated yesterday, but was denied. No, she wasn't denied for her scabby face, it was because she got there too late. Yes, that was mean, but come on. That shit is out of control. And her caking on the makeup isn't helping.

That being said, who knew she was good at arts and crafts! I want a Blake heart pin for my own.


  1. Zoƫ said...
    i wish she would just go away and get help, quickly!

    i read on bryanboy the other day that he thinks her skin condition could mean she's hiv positive from her dirty needle habit!?!

    i pray she's not
    Jen (MahaloFashion) said...
    Homegirl needs help, Mental help! She's too busy worrying about her dear blake incarcerated!
    Love your blog, remind me to link you back.
    Secretista said...
    She's gross. THE END.
    Trendini said...
    is it me or is she looking just an itty bitty tad better than 2 weeks ago? I feel she may have put on some much needed weight- like 3 ounces or something lol
    poor thing- i sure hope she can pull a britney and get slighlty better :P
    brookem said...
    oof, she's so flipping gross, isn't she?

    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, by the way. means so much.

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