Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Katie Price aka Jordan aka the love of my life has decided she wants to change her name. She wants to now be known as Katie Andre. Jordan is taking on her husband, Peter Andre's last name.

Jordan and Peter plan on renewing their wedding vows later this year, so she plans on the name change for, I don't know, an added bonus? Shouldn't she give him anal instead?

I honestly don't care what she tries to call herself, she'll always be Jordan to me. And she better not think about reducing her boobies even more than she already has.



  1. said...
    i have no idea who this woman is, but she has very big boobs lol

    and thanks for your comment and advice!
    Jax Poetic said...
    i feel like i know her really well, and I just cant put my finger on where it's from....
    coco said...
    I think she would look so much better if she wore less makeup
    she is actually quite pretty

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