Friday, March 28, 2008

Kate Walsh was in Washington along with Planned Parenthood for a congressional briefing to "Stand Up For Real Sex Education". I'm all for sex and sex education. My sex education consisted of a woman telling us her son was morally pure for waiting and wasn't even alone in a room with his girlfriend before they were married. She also said this is why he never got herpes, and then proceeded to show us the slides.

She also made us swear we'd wait for marriage to get dirty. If we promised to wait, she would give us a mint. I took the mint. What? I wanted minty fresh breath for when I gave my boyfriend oral later that day.

I was actually student assistant in that class as a senior and that lady came in again. The teacher hated her, but she had to use her because the school said so. Even she knew that shit was a joke.


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