Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Day:

This one shouldn't really be a beauty tip of mine, it should be common sense for all. But you don't know how many cheap ass bitches make this boo-boo. And I don't mean cheap in price, I mean cheap in quality.

Always get good makeup brushes. If the hair on your brushes falls out, that means they're cheaply made. Save up and get a good set of brushes. I prefer MAC, but Sonia Kashuk has good brushes and you can get that shit over at Target. I've never used her brushes but my cousin has and she says they're good, so there you go.

It really does make a difference in your makeup. Why are you going to spend up to 20 bucks for an eyeshadow when you're using a cheap brush? N'est-ce pas?

Also, use your hands to apply foundation and concealer. I love using brushes for everything else, but when I apply them with a brush it doesn't feel natural. Yeah, you make a mess, but I feel that it blends better in the skin when you rub it on.

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