Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty Tip Of The Day

So my cousin was telling me that I should incorporate more beauty and makeup posts to the blog and that since I know "really weird but good" beauty "secrets", I should share.

Here's my first beauty tip. If you have dark "marks" on your body, either from using a certain brand of deodorant or from having ashy elbows or knees, use baking soda on them when you take a bath. My aunt always told me to scrub my knees with baking soda in the shower and it does work.

Yes, I get that most of you aren't on your knees all that much (I said most when I should've said some) but even if you wear a certain pair of shoes a lot, it'll leave marks on your feet. Baking soda'll get rid of them. It won't happen overnight but over time the marks will fade and all will be well.


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