Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jaime Lynne's aunt by marriage, Chandra McGovern, claims that Jaime planned her pregnancy because she needed attention.

“I do believe Jamie Lynn may be feeling the disruption of the family with everything that’s going on,” she says. “It may be one of the reaons she went out and did what she did, and whether she got pregnant on purpose or by accident, that’s the reason she went out and rebelled. She wants a little bit of ‘me’ attention, with everything that’s going on with Britney like it is.”

“I hope it would be a reason for her not to have gotten pregnant.”

“I believe Jamie Lynn is entirely too young to be sexually active. She’s got her whole life ahead of her, she’s just a baby herself and 16 is entirely too young to be sexually active.”

Damn, I should've tried that as a teenager. But then I'd have a kid and would have to take care of it and yeah, nevermind.

P.S. - Where was this bitch when Jaime needed the attention?


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