Friday, December 21, 2007

Shopping For Baby

Britney Spears was spotted shopping for baby clothes in L.A. for Jaime Lynn's unborn baby. Britney, who was the last in the family to know about the pregnancy, seems to be taking it well and is excited for her sister, even though they didn't tell her about it. Word on the street, however, is that Kevin Federline, Britney's ex-husband, did know about the pregnancy. He gets along very well with Lynne and Jaime Lynn, so they warned him about the story before it was leaked.

In other Britney and KFed news, Britney now thinks that Kevin is smoking pot around their two sons. Britney claims that when she does spend time with her boys, they end up reeking of pot and she wants them drug tested. Kevin has admitted to smoking pot, but has never done it around his sons. This custody battle is going to be getting even more interesting in the new year, to say the least.



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