Tuesday, December 18, 2007

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!

According to the folks over at ONTD, this is the cover for next week's Ok! magazine, where Jaime Lynn Spears appears and talks about becoming pregnant! For reals! OMG. Y'all, she's only 16. I know it's "common" nowadays, but still.

Can you imagine if this is true. How sad. I know a baby isn't necessarily sad news, but she's only 16. Hell, most teenagers shouldn't even be driving at that age let alone having and caring for babies, even though a lot of people do and end up making wonderful parents.


Thanks to the fabulous mattchew03 and divaty!


  1. Mrs X said...
    I know..I have been OMG'ing it all morning. It is not so much that she is 16 and pregnant, it is more along the lines that she is 16 and pregnant and her family is off the rails! You want to have the support of your family, not the support of one that is falling apart at the seams. You would have thought she would have been careful, I can only hope she doesn't do a Britney.
    LBIC said...
    I completely agree. I know a mother can't necessarily control the actions of her children, but when one of your children is Britney Spears and the other is 16 and pregnant, you have to wonder what went wrong.

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