Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Over the holidays there's been a ton of Britney news, from her hooking up with a paparazzi and that she's on suicide watch. And of course more people chiming in about why she's so crazy. The Britney crazy train is going to roll straight into the new year. Now Ok! magazine is saying that Britney might face time in jail if she doesn't show up to her next court ordered deposition next week. She's missed a couple of them, the most recent because she was "sick".

I say throw her in jail and maybe she straightens out. Who knows what'll happen after all of this madness.



  1. Heather said...
    Oh my god. What a trainwreck. Crazy does not sell records!
    Mrs X said...
    Are her boobs real? It just looks like she had them lifted.

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