Saturday, December 15, 2007

Africa? Seriously?

Lindsay Lohan spoke to a Vegas radio station early yesterday in order to win tickets to a Hannah Montana concert for a friends' nieces. She didn't say much, except that she was working on a new album and that she wants to go to Africa to help the children. Seriously.

I'm all for charity work but do these chicks get a booklet on what to say when they get in trouble? I mean, didn't Paris say the same thing about going to Africa after she got out of the slammer and now Lindsay (who should have gone as well, but dodged a bullet) is talking about going to Africa. You'd think they would try to be original and at least say another impoverished country.

Check out the interview by clicking Play below.



  1. Heather said...
    I guess you get what you bargained for when you ask Bono for advice :)
    Joshua said...
    Emma said...
    shes taking everything well--- it sounds like

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