Sunday, September 2, 2007

Smarts run in the family

Beyonce's baby sister took after her in the smarts department, apparently. Here's a post from her blog on her myspace:

IM stunt’n like my daddy! Balln like my momma!
Current mood:silly

Say what u want but @ the end of the day were blesssssseeed!!!!!
Healthy and Rythmitic:)! (theres another R word up in there but I try to stay humble (lmao) HAPPY AS HELL!
Happy B-DAY CO and TY!
Friends,,,plssss keep emailing me the endless support of others. I reallly really i do!... I find time in between spa days, presentations and play dates. :)

I acknowledge everyone who has an opinion is beautiful, super succesfull, perfectly stylish, never has a bad hair day, perfectly fit, always sais the right things and is in the right places at the right time at all times.....(i want to be perfect just like you) riiiiiggggghhht!

Hahahahaha! I feel like having at good laugh right now. Its not even relevant!
Im not the diplomatic prim and proper one....(i tryyyy!)

Now everyone get your panties out a bunch and go on
Find out why the weather all across the world is buggn!
Go and get a piece of cake....a wonderfull book i just read that will change your life.

Love u....kisses xoxoxoxoxo
especially to you....yeah you!

Bitch was high.


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